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Victoria breaks Covid record with with 1,763 new cases

Victoria’s Covid outbreak surges with 1,763 new cases – the most ever recorded on a single day in Australia – as state faces three more weeks stuck in lockdown

Victoria has recorded by far the most new Covid cases in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Delta outbreak surged by 1,763 infections on Tuesday – 164 more than the worst day of the NSW lockdown on September 10.

Melbourne has been locked down longer than any city on Earth through the whole pandemic and will not taste freedom until October 26.

Tuesday’s infection tally smashed the state’s previous record of 1,476 on Friday and was almost double the worst day of its deadly second wave last year.

However, today will likely not be the worst day of the pandemic for Australia overall as NSW is expected to only have cases in the 600s, as it did on Monday.

Victoria has 14,368 active cases, the most it has ever had, with 476 being treated for in hospital as of Sunday, 98 of whom were in the ICU.

Lockdown is due to end on October 26 when 70 per cent of Victoria is vaccinated, but there are fears the outbreak won’t have peaked by then.

Some expert predictions have Covid cases reaching 3,000 a day before the curve finally turns downward.