Victoria police fined a group fo Irish expacts after they held a wild house party over the weekend

Irish expats hit with $25,000 in fines for flouting social distancing laws as cops break up their house party ending at 7.45 in the MORNING

  • 15 revealers were hit with $1652 fines for breaking strict social distancing rules 
  • They held a wild house-party over Saturday night and into Sunday morning
  • When police arrived the party-goers allegedly blocked officers from entering 
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A group of Irish expats have been slapped with almost $25,000 in fines after police broke up an all-night house party in Melbourne at 7:45am on Sunday morning.

The party at Bentleigh East in Melbourne’s south-east started on Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning in breach of the state’s strict isolation rules.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said on Tuesday each of the 15 people inside were slapped with a $1652 fine – a total of $24,780.

A group of 15 Irish expats have each been slapped with a $1652 fine after police raided a house party in Melbourne (stock image)

‘They were having quite the party as I understand,’ Dep Comm Patton said.

‘We eventually had an authorised officer from the Department of Health and Human Services assist us and we gained entry at about 7:45am because it was a very big party so we gave them all infringement notices.

He said police try to use discretion when handing out social distancing fines, but these party-goers were uncooperative and tried to hinder officers. 

‘They weren’t compliant, they weren’t letting us in and so that’s deliberate, that’s obvious, that’s blatant,’ he said. 

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton (left) said the party-goers attempted to block police from entering the building

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton (left) said the party-goers attempted to block police from entering the building


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It was the second high profile breach in Melbourne on the weekend.  

Victoria Police fined the parents of an eight-year-old $1,652 after they held a birthday party for him in breach of social distancing rules.

At least 16 parents and children were seen standing outside a home in Beaumaris, 20km south-east of the CBD, on the weekend. 

Some of the party-goers appeared to be breaking the 1.5metre social distancing rule as well as flouting guidelines banning public gatherings of more than two people. 

Victoria Police issued the fine to the party’s organiser but none of the people in attendance were hit with an infringement. 

At least 16 people attended an eight-year-old's birthday party in Beaumaris, Melbourne on the weekend

At least 16 people attended an eight-year-old’s birthday party in Beaumaris, Melbourne on the weekend


Social distancing is a term used by health authorities to help slow the spread of coronavirus by keeping an appropriate distance between people.

Australian health authorities recommend at least 1.5 metres between each person at all times.

This is because coronavirus can be transmitted by: 

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Being in the same space for a long period 
  • Touching the same surface 

Social distancing also refers to limiting physical contact with each other as much as possible which has led to authorities encouraging people to work from home, avoid crowded spaces and public transport as much as possible.

Source: Australian Department of Health