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Victoria to report nearly 400 new COVID-19 cases and harsher coronavirus lockdown

Victoria to announce nearly 400 new coronavirus cases with a harsher lockdown imminent – as expert warns the coronavirus capital will face 1,000 infections a day

Victoria is tipped to announce nearly 400 new coronavirus cases with harsher lockdowns potentially on the horizon. 

The new figure will be announced later on Saturday after the state recorded 627 new cases the day before.

New modelling shows COVID-19 cases are doubling every 16 days in the state with worrying predictions as many as 1,000 cases could be recorded by mid-August. 

Only on Thursday, Victoria recorded the highest ever daily spike of COVID-19 cases in the country with 723 cases and 13 deaths.

University of NSW’s Kirby Institute mathematical biologist Deborah Cromer admitted to The Australian the virus had not been contained. 

‘I would have to say it is not under control at this point.’ 

Health officials are also weighing up whether stay-at-home orders in place across Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are doing enough.

Victoria recorded eight deaths and 627 new cases on Friday, and experts are working over the weekend to analyse infection data from the first half of Victoria’s six-week lockdown.

The state’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton confirmed a New Zealand-style lockdown, which saw all businesses except for essential services closed, was being explored.

Muslims marking the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha over coming days have been encouraged to socially distance and wear masks.

‘I just want to encourage everyone to make positive decisions when it comes to how they choose to celebrate their faith over this important time for that community,’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison told 2GB radio. 

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