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Video Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies

Video Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies


It’s no secret that adding videos to the landing page drives traffic and multiplies the conversion rate. According to Forbes, the average visitor spends 88% more time on the website with a video. It is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and bridge the gap between brand and customers.

Since most SaaS companies use videos in their marketing strategy, it becomes challenging to stand out from the crowd and draw the audience’s attention.

Here, we’ve put together the seven most effective video marketing tips that can help you cut through the clutter. 

Try adding infographics

Unarguably, adding infographics to the video is one of the best ways to explain complex information in a simple manner. It mainly comprises statistical and research data, designed in a structured and visually appealing format.

When it comes to software videos, clear metrics, exact figures, and the most predictable results are what customers want to see. Therefore, if you created a SaaS product, make sure to use an infographic with embedded video features to convince customers to make a purchase.

You can opt for an advanced approach of Kinetic Typography where statistical and research information is presented using dynamic fonts. In simple words, it is an animation with moving text that makes infographics outstanding. 

Answer FAQs in the video format

When users have a choice between reading text and watching a video, 59% of them jump to the clip. This psychological trend perfectly applies to answering the FAQs about your SaaS product. Record the answers to the user’s request in the video format and get them uploaded to your site’s FAQ section.

Make sure to keep the clip short, crisp, and to the point so that viewers can watch them without getting bored. Publishing answers in the video format improves the behavioral factors. According to the statistics, users spend 2.6x more time on pages that have videos than FAQ pages that don’t. 

Share the educational video with a screencast

66% of the users claim that they usually make a purchase after the brand releases the quality educational video. This type of expert content is a must-have for all SaaS companies, and the reason is straightforward.

If you provide your users with a simple interface, it’s always better to show it in action once than explain it in words multiple times. This not just makes the company reliable but also builds a strong brand authority in the market.

Don’t forget to use the screencasts in your expert content to demonstrate how your software or application works in real-time. You can reinforce the demo with live translation or voice explanation to boost the user’s experience. 

Make sure to use new video editing techniques

Nothing will make your video look like it’s straight out of 2010 more than linear keyframes and complex opacity changes. Don’t let the outdated editing choices ruin your effort, especially when they can easily be avoidable using modern video editing tools.

You’ll be surprised to see how professional and smooth your video turns out by adding the best video maker to your collection. It can help you embed the latest transitions, best graphics, templates to your video, thus making it stand out. Take your time and make sure that the video you produce is clean and sharp to smooth out the viewer’s experience. 

Music is the backbone

It’s no wonder that music is the backbone of your video’s visual narrative and adds a unique spark. When creating a video for software or application, there needs to be a consideration for tone and how music contributes to it.

When you pick the music for your SaaS company video, ask yourself what mood and feelings you want your audience to experience and select the music accordingly.

Don’t overlook the audio balance in your video

Adding infographics and music to the video makes sense only if it has a perfect audio balance. The medium of video production is primarily visual; however, you may be surprised to hear that audio can be the significant aspect that can make or break your video.

If the sound is peaking with every word and blowing out the viewers’ eardrums, then they aren’t going to hear about your new software. Audio and video complement each other, and hence, you cannot overlook the audio balance in any condition. Here are some tips to ensure that your audio is always usable.

  • Make sure that your desired microphone is actively in use.
  • Use the best video maker that can help you in avoiding the peaking of audio.
  • Keep the lavalier microphone at least a hand length away from the speaker’s mouth.
  • Always export your audio as a .wav file to get the maximum audio quality.

Keep your shots snappy and punchy

Have you ever watched a video that did not make any impact on you? Why did it happen? There is a multitude of things that can make a video less than stellar. When shots hang on too long, viewers automatically lose interest no matter how advanced your software is.

The attention span of humans is short; hence, the first 15 seconds of the video determine whether the user will watch the rest of the video or just click away.

Therefore, keep your shots punchy and crisp to captivate and engage your audience. Clear and to-the-point information is what all the viewers are looking for. So, keep your videos short but informative.


Video marketing develops brand awareness and drives organic traffic to your website. It gives a strategic angle to your brand marketing strategy and lets you gain a competitive edge. Generate a high-quality visual experience that reflects the quality and USP of your business.

Bookmark this page right away and use these seven practical video marketing tips to grow and expand your business.

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