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Video shows an ugly mob scene at a Louisiana Walmart after three family members resist arrest

Video shows a mob scene at a Louisiana Walmart after three family members resist arrest and two are charged with battery of a police officer

  • Chaos broke out in the front of the Walmart in Kenner, Louisiana, during the arrest of three family members who are accused of starting the incident
  • Two family members allegedly yelled racial profanities at a worker from the store, calling her ‘black b*tch’ and  asking why she was looking at them
  • A crowd notices as the two family members curse the worker and an officer who intervenes. Some in the crowd come to aid the cop in making an arrest 
  • The officer tries to place one of the three family members under arrest, but he resists. The second and third family member join to help in resisting the officer
  • The incident turns into a loud ugly mob scene before additional officers arrive and take the three family members into custody

A Louisiana Walmart turned into a mob scene after three family members resisted arrest and two were charged with battery on a police officer.

A video gone viral on the internet also appears to confirm some of the events that lead up to the arrest, and shows how the mob began forming around the heated incident. In the video, it appears people 

Cops in Kenner, where the Walmart is located, told that they are still investigating. 

A spokesperson for Walmart did not immediately respond when reached out. 

Police were called to the store in Kenner after two family members were accused of shouting obscenities at a store worker by a self-checkout around 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 13.

The two family members at one point called the worker ‘black b*tch’ and asked why she kept looking at them, reports WVUE. 

They also said that if they wanted to, they could ‘rob her blind,’ as other customers began noticing the disturbance, according to cops. 

The viral video shows customers beginning to gather around an officer after he intervenes. 

However, the family members, Wence Flores-Monge, 21, and Jerald Flores-Monge, 18, both of Metairie continued their verbal assault with curses lobbied at the worker, as well as the cop, WVUE reports.

When asked to leave the store, Wence refuses, and is told by the officer that he’s under arrest. Wence then begins to push and pull away as the officer tries to handcuff him.