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Video shows how man used ‘cancer card’ to get dates

New videos is shedding light on how a 60-year-old man wooed multiple women by claiming he had terminal cancer.

Ken Boyer made headlines earlier this year when he married his long lost love Michelle Kimbrell after reconnecting with her on Facebook after 20 years apart. 

But the tragic love story of the terminally ill father-of-four fulfilling his dying wish to live out his days with the love of his life unraveled when a handful of Boyer’s ex-girlfriends recognized him from news reports as the man who had allegedly defrauded and abandoned them.

Now News 6 in Florida has obtained videos from one of the spurned women, showing Boyer using the ‘cancer card’ to get another date.


New video shows how a 60-year-old man wooed multiple women by claiming he had terminal cancer 

The video was shared by one of Boyer's ex-girlfriends, Annie, who went on a single date with him after he claimed his cancer was growing fast and he didn't have much time left .The two pictured above together 

The video was shared by one of Boyer’s ex-girlfriends, Annie, who went on a single date with him after he claimed his cancer was growing fast and he didn’t have much time left .The two pictured above together 

Annie, right, didn't want to appear on camera, but she shared the video to warn others about Boyer

Annie, right, didn’t want to appear on camera, but she shared the video to warn others about Boyer

The victim, Annie, says she met Boyer on dating site 

On January 24, she received two videos from him in which he said his cancer was spreading and he wanted to meet her. 

‘I’d really love to come and see you, I could use a friend today,’ he said in one of the videos. 

‘I got my results. It’s (the cancer) growing faster than I thought it was, spreading really fast, I’m not sure what else can be done,’ he continued. 

Boyer added: ‘I’m gonna savor every minute with you, Annie, I just need to be next to you.’ 

Annie said those videos were enough to convince her to go out on one date with Boyer.  

‘He tried to kiss me, but I wouldn’t let him,’ she said. ‘I’m sure there were a lot of vulnerable women that he took advantage of, he’s good at it, very charming, and I’m sure these women fell for him.’

After that, Annie says she didn’t hear from Boyer until about a month before he got married in May. 

At the time, he said he was going home to Missouri to die. Four other women who dated Boyer said they were told the same thing.   

Picture of good health: Ken Boyer, 60, is seen shirtless outside his home in Missouri, months after a handful of women had accused him of faking terminal cancer to swindle them out of tens of thousands of dollars   

Newlyweds: Michelle Kimbrell, Boyer’s new wife, is seen yelling at an Inside Edition reporter, while her husband is seen in the background holding a gun in his right hand  

Ex-girlfriends’ club: four women came out in May claiming to have been conned by Boyer, among them (L to R) Karen Hagerty, Trish Marsee and Barbara Jones 

In May, Barbara Jones, Trish Marsee, Karen Hagerty and Cheryl Alvarez came forward, accusing Boyer of being a Lothario and con artist who faked his late-stage liver cancer diagnosis to illicit sympathy and for financial gain. 

‘He’s not a victim,’ Marsee, a hairdresser from winter Park, Florida, told Inside Edition. ‘He’s a predator.’ 

Jones, 63, a long-term ex-girlfriend of Boyer’s, told in May that the man had defrauded her out of $22,000, which he allegedly spent on dental work, repairs to his Harley Davidson bike and financial investments.

‘He broke me. I’ll never ever be the same person I was before,’ Jones recently told Inside Edition’s chief investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero.  

Hagerty, a 51-year-old teacher from Winter Haven, Florida, said Boyer had proposed to her in February but later broke off their engagement, after having her try on the same ring he would eventually give his new wife, Michelle.

Hagerty said Boyer, whom she slammed as a ‘twisted psychopath,’ told her he was dying of a Stage 4 cancer and would not make it to his birthday on June 4.

Boyer’s daughter, Hannah, described her father as a habitual liar who even shaved his eyebrows and head to make it seem like he was undergoing chemotherapy for his terminal cancer.

Bittersweet love story… or is it? Michelle Kimbrell and Ken Boyer tied the knot in May. The wedding served as fodder for numerous news stories about the terminally ill man wishing to live out his days with his long lost love

‘Liar, liar’: Hannah Boyer (left), Ken’s daughter from his first marriage, said her dad had shaved his eyebrows to make it seem he was undergoing chemotherapy. On the right, Mr Boyer is seen with all of his facial hair intact

Unwelcome guest: Michelle and Ken Boyer have been living in Missouri, where they were recently tracked down by Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero, whom they were not happy to see   

‘He’s been lying to people and stealing from people for as long as I can remember,’ she told Inside Edition.

On a recent visit to Missouri, where Boyer has been living with his newlywed wife, Michelle, Boyer appeared to be in a fine physical shape, with a a deep tan, a full head of silver hair, a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, and with his eyebrows intact.

Video recorded during the hostile encounter between the married couple and Guerrero shows a shirtless Boyer, with a gold chain around his neck, brandishing a handgun outside his property.

‘I have a gun and a permit to use it!’ the angry 60-year-old man barks at the reporter.

When asked if he has cancer, Boyer testily replies, ‘It’s none of your goddamn business!’

Asked to address the allegations of fraud made by his former romantic partners, Boyer vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

‘They never gave me a goddamn dime,’ he said. ‘I took them everywhere. I treated them like queens.’  

Duped: Barbara Jones, 63, told in May her ex-partner Boyer allegedly conned her out of thousands of dollars and pretended to go to chemotherapy appointments so he could cheat with other women

Jones met the silver-haired Romeo and father-of-four, at a Florida golf course in October 2014

Some of Boyer’s alleged ‘victims’ previously said the supposedly ailing man wooed them on internet dating sites and was well enough to play softball and ride for five hours on his Harley Davidson despite warning he would be dead by June.

Their extraordinary accusations are also backed by one of Boyer’s four ex-wives who lost her sister to leukemia and says that’s likely how he picked up enough information about the disease to pass himself off as a sufferer. 

The alleged deception is set to land Boyer in court in the coming months, with Barbara Jones suing him to claw back $22,000 in loans.

‘I thought I had finally found the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and God was taking him away from me,’ Jones said.

‘But I was the real victim. He wined and dined all these other women on my dime. I’ve found at least five of them. I gave him my heart and he stomped on it like a piece of trash.’

Jones met Boyer, a grandfather and father-of-four, at a Florida golf course in October 2014 when he asked for her number despite still being married to the fourth of his five wives, Christine, 58.

After linking up six months later for dates, Jones, a retired divorcee and former police department secretary, says she soon fell in love with the silver-haired Romeo.

When Boyer separated from his wife, she asked him to move into her Sebastian, Florida home and claims she provided his meals, washed his clothes and paid his bills.

She says Boyer told her he was in remission from prostate cancer – but she never saw any actual evidence the former bar owner was sick.

Boyer underwent shoulder and knee surgery following a March 2016 accident in which he was struck by a car mirror but Jones says the doctors didn’t once mention cancer.

Tricked: Boyer allegedly wined and dine several other women while dating Jones. Trish Marsee, (left) said Boyer told her he loved her on the first date while Karen Hagerty said he proposed to her

Conned: Cheryl Alvarez, (left) revealed how he called her his ‘Jamaican princess’ and talked about marriage. The exes saw a news report about Boyer tying the knot with Michelle Kimbrell (right) on May 1

Nevertheless, last October he broke the agonizing news that the disease had returned and spread to his throat, kidney, liver and brain.

‘I never saw him once take any oral cancer medication. He told me went for chemo but I never saw him losing any of his hair,’ recalled Jones.

‘He said it was a new kind of chemo. He had an answer for everything. I’ve since learnt from one of his ex-wives that he’s been telling people he’s had terminal cancer since 2010.

‘But when you love someone you want to trust them – hindsight is a wonderful thing.’

Jones says she never formally split up with Boyer but he began spending less and less time at her home before announcing in February that he was returning to his native Missouri.

She said he told her he would likely be dead before his next birthday on June 4 and wanted to see out his final days in peaceful isolation at a rural family property where his brother and mother are buried.

But as Jones braced herself to never again see the man she loved, she received a call from woman called Karen Hagerty, a teacher from Winter Haven, Florida, who said she had also been dating Boyer.

Hagerty, 51, said softball fanatic Boyer had proposed to her in February and promised to marry her on the diamond of a ballpark before suddenly backing out of the nuptials.

The Florida woman said she found phone bills containing 50 pages of calls, and texts messages that Boyer sent to other women

The jilted exes met up to piece together Boyer’s apparent deception – only to switch on the TV a day later to see the news report about him tying the knot with Kimbrell on May 1.

‘He was there in his uniform, surrounded by his softball buddies, marrying another woman,’ added Jones. 

‘We were both dumbfounded. Karen said to me “Oh my god that’s my wedding”.

The WKMG-TV coverage explained that Kimbrell, an old flame from Missouri described by Boyer as ‘the one that got away’, had suddenly reached out to him on Facebook in February.

When she learned he was battling cancer and didn’t have long to live she dropped everything so she could marry him and nurse him through his final days.

As footage of the ceremony went viral, Jones – who spent 17 years working at police precinct in her native Long Island, New York – turned detective to find further evidence of his alleged double lives.

From Boyer’s cell phone records she soon identified Miami-based Cheryl Alvarez, another girlfriend who revealed how he called her his ‘Jamaican princess’ and talked about marriage.

Alvarez, 52, became suspicious of his stage 4 cancer diagnoses when they took a ten-hour return motorcycle trip to Key West and Boyer showed no signs of fatigue.

She would later sum up her feelings on Facebook, posting: ‘There is not a HELL hot enough for this piece of sh*t!!!!!’

Boyer’s wedding to Michelle Kimbrell was covered by local news stations as a love story about a woman who decided to marry ‘the one who got away’ in his ‘final days’

Another woman was Trish Marsee, a hairstylist in Winter Park, Florida, who revealed how Boyer professed his love to her on their very first date.

Others identified by Jones said Boyer used similar pick-up lines and always told them about his alleged cancer.

They all met him via a dating site called that Jones alleges he logged onto while living in her house.

‘I have at least 50 pages of phone calls, texts messages, data messages, that he’s been sending to all his girlfriends,’ she told

‘I now know that the whole time he was living here and dating me while going on all these trips to see doctors and specialists, he was dating these other women.

Karen Hagerty (with Boyer, left) and Cheryl Alvarez (with Boyer, right) are among a long line of exes who say they were fed the same lies by Boyer

‘I found five in just one month of phone bills – and I only went through the first two pages.

‘I called them and I texted them and they texted me back I said “are you one of Ken Boyer’s victims because you know he just got married Monday night?”

‘He had told them I was his drunk old landlady.’

Jones says she last saw Boyer when she confronted him about his alleged lies in front of teammates from the Palm Beach Softball League.

‘He was out in left field would you believe – the man who is supposedly dying of stage 4 cancer or whatever he picks and chooses for the month, whether it’s his liver, his brain, his throat or his kidney.

‘I was really going there to warn Michelle what a pathological liar he was. I told her “I hope you’re ready to be the next victim.”

‘Ken started calling me names and threatening me. As I walked away he said, “Watch out for the red light, you know what’s coming next”.

‘He meant the laser on a scope. I know this man, I saw him watch every single violent, war, murder shoot-‘em-up movie available on Netflix.

‘So right from there I went to the Palm Bay police department and filed a complaint.’

Jones says she filed for a restraining order against Boyer but a judge refused her request Tuesday after hearing he was attending his granddaughter’s graduation in Colorado and plans to reside in Missouri.

He did not respond to calls and a text messages from

When previously reached via text by a reporter from WKMG-TV, the same channel that aired his wedding, he declined to present any evidence of his cancer diagnosis.

Boyer, a grandfather and father of four, did not respond to calls and texts from

‘I’m not denying that I know them. I have dated them all, I am not going to play their game,’ he wrote.

‘The people that truly know me and truly love me still do, but you haven’t talked to any of them. You are only talking to angry, hateful, jealous women.’

Pressed about his health he added: ‘Nobody said anything about weeks to live, and I’m sorry the drama card was used to sell the story, but we are done with this.’ also contacted Boyer’s ex-wives in an effort to verify whether or not he was ever terminally ill.

Sharon Hubenthal, 58, a nurse who has a 20-year-old daughter called Hannah with Boyer, said her loyalties lie with his alleged victims.

Hubenthal of New Haven, Missouri, described her ex-husband of 16 years as ‘shady’ and told she divorced him in 2006 after he started taking out credit cards in her name.

She first heard Boyer was suffering from leukemia about four years later and, having lost her sister, Debbie Walker, to the same illness in 1990, was anxious to know whether it was hereditary and could afflict their daughter, Hannah.

When she contacted the medical facility where Boyer supposedly was undergoing treatment she says staff said he was not one of their cancer patients.

‘He said he had been treated and cured,’ Hubenthal told

‘In 2013 he posted on Facebook to say he had prostate cancer. By then he was remarried to Christine in Florida.

‘I reached out to ask her if it was true, she said it was but she didn’t say what kind of cancer. But I guess, voila, he was cured again.

‘I think he knows just enough about cancer and treatments because I was a nurse and he was aware of what happened with my sister.

‘I think he took part of a truth and blended it with a lie. He’s a master at it, I’ll give him that. I think he has a mental illness but I don’t think he has cancer.’

Hannah also believes her father uses cancer as a way to get sympathy from women and revealed he also called her in February to tell her he did not have much longer to live.

‘As far as I’m concerned he’s narcissistic. He is selfish and he only loves himself,’ she said in an interview with WKMG-TV. 

The 20-year-old also told how her father had introduced her to multiple fiancees after her parents divorced.  

Christine Haffner told that Boyer had in fact claimed to have a liver tumor in 2013.

She said he claimed he was able to avoid lifesaving surgery by taking vitamins and supplements, a story she is now beginning to question.

Haffner does, however, believe Boyer is sick and says outsiders should not rush to judge the man she fell in love with after matching on a dating site for the over 50s.

‘I do believe he possibly took up with different women,’ she added. ‘But he did have a lot of health issues. When I look at pictures of him now, he does look sick to me.’

It will take a lot more, however, to convince Jones and the other jilted girlfriends she now describes as her ‘sisters’ that Boyer is anything but a malingering fraud.

‘The people at his wedding were all brainwashed,’ she fumed. ‘They think he’s an inspiration and a fighter. They idolize him but he’s nothing but a scumbag.’ 



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