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Video shows talented dog performing the ‘trust fall’ into owner’s arms

That’s one trusting dog! Pet teaches himself to do ‘trust fall’ with his delighted owner

  • The video shows dog trainer Amber Aquart, from Massachusetts, asking Oakley to perform a ‘trust fall’
  • With a simple command, Oakley falls straight back into her arms
  • The clip has now been watched over 50,000 times on Amber’s Instagram page

It’s the ultimate test of trust between mates – but can Oakley prove dogs really are a man’s best friend?

In a video now watched more than 50,000 times, dog trainer Amber Aquart asks her pooch Oakley to do a ‘trust fall.’

Without hesitation, Oakley falls into his owner’s arms.

All Amber, from Cambridge in Massachusetts, had to say is ‘trust fall.’

Afterwards, she embraces Oakley as her other dog Tucker watches on in awe.  

Amber said on Instagram: ‘He came up with it himself! 

‘I just had to add it on cue, he’s such a cuddle bag!’

On the website of Amber’s company Pawsitive Development, she describes herself as a ‘certified professional dog trainer, and pet lifestyle expert.’

Both Tucker and Oakley are professional animal actors, according to the website. 

Dog trainer Amber Aquart celebrates her dog Oakley’s successful ‘trust fall’

Amber says her calling is to inspire people to ‘learn more about their four-legged friends.’ 

Oakley isn’t the only one to learn the trust fall trick.

Watson the Golden Retriever performed the trust fall into the arms of a cuddly bear back in 2016.