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Vignette – Where to Buy and How Much it Costs

If you are traveling by car or cargo automobile on a toll road in Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.), be prepared that you will be obliged to purchase a vignette before you enter such kinds of roads in the aforementioned countries.

Toll Roads in the EU and a Vignette for Them

Traveling around the world is great. It opens up people’s minds to a different view. Traveling by car is very convenient as you do not depend on public transport, time, and other things.

Moreover, the EU countries are not that large, so traveling from one land to another will not take that much time. This is also very convenient for businesses connected with cargo vehicles.

Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, and other countries are famous for toll roads. A toll road means that drivers have to buy a special pass before hitting it. It can be the main way, a motorway, or a highway.

The pass under consideration is called a vignette. However, it is not a piece of paper; it is an electronic ticket (e-vignette). It is prepaid. Drivers can use it on a specific road in a certain direction.

Where do Vignettes Dwell?

Car owners can get the passes at gas stations. Though, such a method is quite obsolete with the development of various Internet applications. If you do not want to spend time standing in a queue, go ahead and buy an electronic vignette via the Internet.

It is possible to obtain one not only right before hitting the road but also beforehand. Besides, (unlike at the gas stations), there is an option to choose several countries. This is ideal for the Old Continent’s highways.

The offers excellent solutions for all vehicle types for European toll roads. It will take you several finger taps.

To purchase an e-Vignette, you will have to provide:

  • your car’s registration plate;
  • the country it was issued at;
  • the type of your auto.

Visit the e-Vignettes website for more info.

Speaking of rental companies, some of them supply autos with a vignette, but in some cases, it’s the driver who is in charge of it.

e-Vignette Prices

Prices for electronic vignettes depend on several criteria. Here they are:

  • the country you are in;
  • types of your transport mean;
  • the time a ticket is valid for.

If everything is clear regarding the place you are at, let’s discuss the other two points.

A person riding a bike will pay a different sum than a person driving a cargo vehicle. As well as, a vignette for a usual auto will cost less than a pass for a bus.

Each e-Vignette lasts for a certain period of time. Various services offer different options, and the most widespread schemes are passes for seven days, a month, and a year.

Can you skip paying the road tax?

It is crucial to get one as otherwise, you will become subject to penalties.

In order to substantiate this statement, the Czech Republic and Austria charge about 180 euros. If you did not pay the road tax in Slovenia, the fine could go up to 800 Euros. Vignette is a must-have while driving on toll autostradas.

Make sure you include the expenses on Evinjete before planning the trip of your dream or business logistics.

For example, let’s discuss prices for motorway passes, as in the case of the e-Vignette service in Hungary.

  • Motorcycles: Your transport should be no more than 50 cm wide. A pass for ten days will be 11 € and the same for three months will cost 16,90 €.
  • Cars: This category is suitable for autos having seven or fewer seats and weighs not more than 3,5 tons. You can obtain a 10-day ticket for 24,90 € while a monthly ticket is 29,50 €.
  • Other Vehicles: The current option is for vehicles having more than seven seats and weighing no more than 3,5 tones. You can get a vignette for ten days for 36,90 € and a 30-day one for 46,90 €.
  • Busses and Cargo Vehicles: If your vehicle has more than seven passengers and weighs more than 3,5 tons, a 10-day ticket will be 69,90 €, and a pass for one month will be 98,90 €.

Attention! According to the law, you must save your e-Vignettes for two years.


How much is a vignette?
The price of an e-Vignette depends on your vehicle’s kind, the time it’s valid, and the home country of the motorway you are using.

Where can I buy a vignette?
The pass can be obtained at a gas station, but it is much more convenient to get it online.

How much is the vignette for Slovenia?
In Slovenia, drivers can pick up an electronic vignette starting from 12,90 € and up to 242 €.

How much is the vignette in Hungary?
Prices in Hungary can vary from 11 C and up to 98,90 € for one e-ticket.