Vile trolls’ disgusting message to woman attacked by Rottweilers as she recovers in hospital – unsure about whether her arm can be saved

Vile internet trolls and strangers have unleashed on the young woman savagely mauled by her pet Rottweilers as she recovers from her horrific injuries, facing the uncertainty of whether her injured arm can be saved.

Nikita Piil, 31, suffered severe injuries to her arms and legs after she was viciously attacked by seven-year-old dog Bronx and four-year-old Harlem at her Success home in Perth on Saturday afternoon.

Ms Piil’s horrified neighbours tried banging on her fence with a bat and spraying a hose on the large dogs in an attempt to stop the attack, but to no avail. 

Police arrived at least 10 minutes after the neighbours first heard Ms Piil’s screams and officers shot Bronx. The dog was later euthanised by a vet. 

Harlem was seized by council rangers and taken to the local pound, where he remains, while an extensive investigation into the attack continues.

Five days on, Ms Piil remains in a serious but stable condition in Perth Royal Hospital.

Doctors are fighting to save one of Ms Piil’s arms after she suffered major blood loss and serious bite wounds to her limbs.

Online trolls have tracked down her Facebook page saturated with posts dedicated to her beloved Rottweilers – and targeted her as she recovers in hospital.

Nikita Piil (pictured cuddling a Rottweiler) suffered severe bites and major blood loss after her two Rottweilers attacked her on Saturday

Nikita Piil (pictured with Bronx in 2019) was mauled by her two Rottweilers last Saturday

Nikita Piil (pictured with Bronx in 2019) was mauled by her two Rottweilers last Saturday

‘No wonder you couldn’t keep a hold of your dogs. Look at you. You only got them cause of aesthetics. Now look. You’re in hospital laying up knowing your dogs are dead,’ one vile troll said.

He wasn’t the only keyboard warrior.

‘IT IS NEVER THE DOG BUT ALWAYS THE OWNER,’ another said. ‘I do not think the breeder is to blame, but politics should regulate who can own what kind of dog.

A third declared: ‘It’s never a good idea to have two male dominant dogs. I have owned six Rotts over many years, but always a male and female together.

On a photo of her kissing the dog, another said: ‘The dogs were spoilt too much with not much respect to her. That one dog absolutely hated her in that moment.’

Others use the Facebook account calling for Rottweilers to be banned.

‘Anyone reading this, help ban these aggressive breeds. There was another dog attack in Sydney this morning, involving two Rottweilers. Enough is enough! Ban the breed already,’ one Aussie said under a photo she shared of her dogs.

Another said: ‘Do not understand why they want to keep dangerous dogs as pets.’

Some Aussies claimed her backyard was too small to have such big dogs.

Meanwhile,  the breeder of one of the rottweilers that nearly killed a woman says she knew the dog to be ‘placid’ and believes the owner’s actions must have triggered the attack.

‘It’s not likely that a Rottweiler would attack anybody for no reason,’ she told The West on Tuesday.

‘In this instance, there must have been a dog fight between the two dogs and I feel that maybe the owner has gotten involved to try and separate the dogs and somehow gotten in between it.

‘Watching any two dogs having a fight is traumatic for any owner. Especially trying to separate them on your own.’

The breeder also hit back at claims Bronx was bred for violence.

‘We don’t breed dogs for fighting. We don’t breed dogs for security. We mainly breed them for show and to place them in family units,’ she said.

‘The bloodlines of that dog are from show lines so they are absolutely not known to [attack].’

She added online trolls accusing Ms Piil of neglecting the dogs were wrong, saying both dogs were ‘very well-kept and very well-loved’.

Some Aussies claimed her backyard was too small to have such big dogs

Some Aussies claimed her backyard was too small to have such big dogs 

Internet trolls have inundated Ms Piil's Facebook page with cruel comments

Internet trolls have inundated Ms Piil’s Facebook page with cruel comments

Seven-year-old Bronx was shot by police to stop the attack while four-year-old Harlem is awaiting his fate at a local pound (pictured, the two dogs together)

Seven-year-old Bronx was shot by police to stop the attack while four-year-old Harlem is awaiting his fate at a local pound (pictured, the two dogs together)

The barrage of comments has sparked a furious response from Ms Piil’s supporters.

‘Can you people please stop writing rubbish about breeders, and the dogs and leave Nikita to recover from her injuries? It has been traumatic enough for her without people adding to the drama of what happened. Please be considerate for Nikita and her family,’ one wrote.

Another wrote: ‘How insensitive some of these comments are. Nobody deserves this. As far as I can see, she’s a good human. Nothing to do with your appearance. I wish you a speedy recovery.’

Ms Piil was a renowned dog lover and had a sign on her door which read: ‘Beware of the Rottweiler’.

Her Facebook page is also largely dedicated to her beloved rottweilers.

In one photo where the two dogs posed in front of some dug up artificial turf, Ms Piil wrote, ‘My babies’ alongside a black heart.

In a birthday post of Bronx, Ms Piil wrote: ‘I couldn’t ask for a more incredible, cheeky, loyal, intelligent and protective little mate.

‘You’re my whole world.’

Nikita Piil's Facebook page was dedicated to her two Rottweilers. She's pictured with one of her beloved pets

Nikita Piil’s Facebook page was dedicated to her two Rottweilers. She’s pictured with one of her beloved pets

Harlem will remain at City of Cockburn Council’s animal Management Facility until investigations surrounding the ‘incredibly tragic’ incident are finalised.

‘There is no set period for how long a dog attack investigation can take,’ council’s Head of Community Safety and Ranger Services, Michael Emery said.

‘It will depend on the availability of witnesses and the circumstances of the attack. However, generally speaking, we aim to finalise our investigations within a couple of weeks.

‘The investigation involves looking into the circumstances of the attack, whether the dog was provoked, witness statements and the overall injuries sustained.’

‘Given that this is an open investigation, we cannot provide any further information on the specifics at this time.’

The council added it has no record of the Rottweilers attacking prior to last Saturday but has confirmed two barking complaints about the dogs were received last year.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted City of Cockburn Council for an update. 

Western Australia Premier Roger Cook has called for an inquiry into the circumstances leading up to the horrific attack.

‘What we need to do is continue to educate dog owners and people in the community about dangers — potential dangers — of these sorts of breeds but we’ll just monitor the situation.

‘But thanks to everyone who responded to that difficult situation and my condolences to anyone impacted by the event.’