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VISION Destinations a new vision of luxury

An exclusive collection of over 100 prestigious hotels meticulously chosen from around the world, a 100% digital magazine of the best international destinations, and virtual city guides, VISION Destinations is THE digital inspiration solution par excellence for finding travel ideas and organizing your luxury stays, whether for business or pleasure, as a couple, with family or friends.

A great source of inspiration for your future travel plans VISION Destinations reinvents luxury travel and offers you a totally new experience.

There are no online reservations here. With VISION Destinations, you benefit above all from an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a limitless opening onto the world, with prestigious destinations, majestic sites, and grandiose hotels around the globe.

Discover the best way to project yourself in the ideal place, the one that corresponds to your desires, and imagine your most beautiful destinations from dream to reality in absolute serenity.

100% digital, VISION Destinations takes you to Mexico at the One & Only Palmilla Hotel and plunges you into the vibrant ocean blue.

It lifts you to the top of Dubai’s largest and highest observation tower 250m above the ground. It invites you to a walk along the ocean shore in Japan, takes you to one of the 26 coral atolls of the Indian Ocean or transports you to the city that never sleeps, at the Peninsula New York…

Web magazine and city guides to prepare for new experiences

With the web magazine, all the new destinations and international locations are no longer a secret to you.

You’ll find out that Six Senses has opened a hotel with stunning views from Xarraca Bay in Ibiza, that Jean-Philippe Nuel designed the interior of the 5-star cabins on Ponant cruise ships, that Ritz Carlton has opened its first resort in the Maldives or that on the Colorado Plateau you’ll be able to look up at the stars in Utah from the Amangiri complex, the flagship of the Aman hotel group.

VISION Destinations offers you the exclusivity of its city guides to prepare your stay: from London to Paris, passing through Los Angeles, New York, or Shanghai, exploring each city, and discovering the best tips for an even more unforgettable experience.

About VISION Destinations

VISION Destinations is the brainchild of Thibault Duret and Charley Arod. Friends since high school, they grew up in Valence in the Drôme region of France and, very early on, perceived the advantages and opportunities of digital technology in order to envision a new way of doing business.

While Thibault became a manager of international artists and then a content creator, and Charley a private banking consultant for Grandes Relations, they share the same passion for travel.

And it is from this common culture that VISION Destinations was born, another way to experience luxury travel. It is on Linkedin, the social network voted “most trusted” for the past three years, that they set out to talk about luxury!

After several months of using and perfecting their skills, Thibault and Charley realized the opportunities that this platform offers.

Success was immediate. VISION Destinations quickly became the antidote to the prevailing gloom thanks to its content and the first online community around luxury travel!

VISION Destinations, the largest luxury travel community

Because the current trend is to experiment, VISION Destinations has reached more than 230,000 followers on social networks (including the largest luxury travel community on Linkedin), 90,000 visitors on the website, and up to 8 million people per month, all media included.

In just a few months, VISION Destinations has captured the attention of the public in search of new sensations and memorable experiences.


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