With the increasing rate of cyber crimes day by day, maintaining online security and privacy have become a mandatory choice. Hackers are highly efficient nowadays and stealing data from the internet is not a big deal for them. Hence to have the maximum protection from third-party thefts, VPN or Proxy server is must for all users.

Both help in masking your IP address with a Virtual IP and protect your online activity from the prying eyes. So, which one gives better security? VPN or Proxy server? Let’s dive into details.



Virtual Private Network or VPN is referred to the secured internet connection used in public and private networks. When you connect using a VPN, it hides your original IP address and replaces it with one of its own virtual IP by encrypting your online activity.

It completely shields the traffic flow from the prying eyes as well as your own Internet Service provider. It even hides your original location. For-ex- You are in India but, with VPN you can choose to show logged in from USA, UK or any other country.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a gateway between you and the internet pretty much like a web filter. Whenever you request to access any site on the internet, it filters through the proxy server and transfers the request to the web. The web on receiving the request executes it and sends it via the proxy server to display the website data to your computer.

It can be a firewall server in your computer or a completely different server. The proxy server works with all kinds of browsers and helps in hiding your IP address from the third party by replacing it with an unknown server. It is great from accessing the geo-restricted sites.

Comparison Factors:-

  1. Security

VPN is not just for masking IP address but, also protects your entire online traffic from the third party. It uses several layers of encryption with DNS leak protection to completely make you and your online activity anonymous and untraceable.

Proxy Servers are excellent to hide your IP address with unknown servers and give you access to geo-restricted websites but, it does not protect your internet traffic. The connection is not that stable and can be detected and even blocked by a few websites.

Winner:- VPN

So, you read that, in terms of security and privacy, the Winner is VPN, but you must choose a trusted VPN because many VPN’s are spying your activities and selling it for money making purposes. Here is a great website called VPNCrow which guides you to pick a right VPN for your purpose.

  1. Set-up

VPN applications are very user-friendly and come with complete setup guides. If you go for VON routers, everything is already et-i. You just need to connect.

Proxy Serves are also easy to set up provided you have the small technical knowledge to do it from the Internet Settings.

Winner:- VPN wins if you are using the internet for private activities like office works, banking,  chatting, etc.

Proxy server wins if you are using applications for basic internet activities.

  1. Stability

VPN connection speeds fluctuate based on your ISP and if you select servers from an overseas location, stability gets disturbed due to different signal issues.

Proxy servers are generally huge in number so you will always find a one nearest to your location and stability is better.

Winner:- Proxy Server

  1. Pricing

A quality VPN service provider can be expensive as well as an affordable solution with different price rates.

Proxy servers pricing don’t have that much variation and the rates are high if your purchase externally.

Winner: – VPN

Final Words

If you are into basic internet activities, proxy servers are fine but, if you want a complete end to end security, VPN is the ultimate choice.