Warren says gun control, global warming and student loan debt are all genuine national emergencies

‘Oh, let’s do the list!’ Elizabeth Warren says gun control, global warming and student loan debt are all genuine national emergencies as she ridicules Trump’s border wall

Elizabeth Warren has a list of problem areas she says are national emergencies, although she stopped short of saying Tuesday night that she’d take executive action to resolve them.

Warren appeared on the ‘Late Late Show’ with James Cordon to promote her candidacy for president, and the comedian brought Donald Trump’s border emergency up.

Cordon asked Warren what she would consider to be a national emergency if she were in the Oval Office.

‘Let’s do the list,’ she responded giddily. ‘Climate change … gun violence … student loan debt, right off the top. That’s what we’ve oughta be working on,’ she said.

Warren did not say she would use executive action to address the issues she believes emergencies.  

‘We ought to be working on it together,’ she said. ‘Congress, the president, as a country, those are the things we should be working on.’

A fundraising email from ‘Elizabeth Warren’ but signed ‘Team Warren’ that went out the day after Trump’s national emergency declaration mentioned gun violence and drub abuse as crises.

‘Let’s be clear about a few things,’ the email said. ‘Gun violence is a national emergency. Climate change is a national emergency. The opioid epidemic is a national emergency. Building Donald Trump’s border wall is not,’ she said. ‘And his decision to declare a fake national emergency at the border is fear-mongering of the worst kind.’

The email referred to the emergency declaration and other Trump action as ‘unconstitutional power grabs’ and dedicated Warren to ‘big, structural changes’ in the nation ‘to tackle our country’s real emergencies head-on.’ 

It asked recipients to donate money to Warren’s campaign for president at the end.  

Democratic candidates have grappled for days with the question of what they would consider a national emergency, if elected. 

Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris called Trump’s wall a ‘vanity project’ and said ‘we should address the actual emergencies facing our country — everything from gun violence to the opioid crisis’ in a tweet that proceeded his announcement.

Shed accused Trump on Tuesday of ‘abusing his powers’ and lying about the effectiveness of a border wall at stopping drug smugglers.

At a New Hampshire Institute of Politics breakfast, Harris said that the border emergency is a ‘crisis of his own making’ that Trump manufactured to validate his 2016 election to office.

‘We don’t need a multi-billion dollar wall. That wall ain’t gonna stop them,’ she said of drug traffickers. 

Laughing aloud as she searched for the words she wanted to use to make her point, Harris said: ‘The idea that he is trying to say that we have people that are trying to invade our country to commit mass crime is a crisis of his own making. 

‘We don’t need a multi-billion dollar wall. That wall ain’t gonna stop them. We need resources at our ports of entry.  

Sen. Cory Booker said Sunday, as he embarked on his first weekend in the early voting state as a presidential candidate, that he believes that there’s an ‘urgency’ to deal with gun violence in America.

He could not say whether he would declare it or climate change a national emergency.

‘Should I become president, I’ll evaluate one of those emergencies, if they come up,’ he told DailyMail.com at a house party in Manchester.

Booker also cast health care reform as an urgent problem while specifically calling on voters to elect representatives who would support a version of the ‘Medicare for All’ programs some liberals are pushing to become a reality.



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