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Ways of Choosing the Best Microphone for Your Podcast

Though podcasting is not a new trend it can be said that today it is taking a major comeback. Along with popular social media platforms, now podcasting has also made its way to the top and has around 4 million listeners all around the world. And there will be more by the end of 2022.

For anyone who has decided to start a new podcast, there are a few key points that should not be ignored. To upgrade your podcasting game to the next level, having a wireless Lavalier microphone that exactly fits your podcasting requirements is necessary.

This article aims at shedding light on the best features you should remember while purchasing a microphone.

Why It’s Important to Get a Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Your Podcast?

If you have decided on a great topic for your podcast, the next step should be choosing a microphone according to it.

This equipment can make or break your podcast because your audience desire uncluttered sound with high quality. Hissing sounds or background noises hinder providing a good experience to the listeners, making them leave your podcasts.

And this will negatively affect your podcast’s popularity.

That is why investing in a good microphone that provides premium quality audio always pays in terms of attracting more listeners to your podcast. There are numerous lav mics available in the market but choosing the right one that perfectly tailors with your needs is a must.

A good microphone is simple and has an intuitive design that permits the user to generate content with ease rather than giving all the attention to the podcast setup arrangements.

Types of Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Whether you want to upgrade your professional or home studio, picking the right clip mic can make it possible. Different types of microphones are available that are designed for different applications such as:

Dynamic Microphone

These are the best microphones when the sound source is high. Live concerts and live performances are such times when you want to remove loud noises from the ones you want to record.

Dynamic microphones are the best choices for radio studios, concerts, live streaming, or podcasting.

These microphones have a strong presence when they are close to the source making them perfect as vocal microphones. Can be also used as handheld as these are less prone to overload and distortion.

Shure SM-57 and Electro-Voice RE-20 are a few examples of dynamic microphones.

Condenser Microphone

Ideal for filming conditions and voiceover artists, condenser microphones have great sensitivity tone, and amplitude. These are not good for loud sound sources but create a detail-rich and well-balanced sound for softer and brighter sound sources.

Condenser microphone gives clarity to high-frequency sound that makes it more natural and less muffled. By using this microphone, you can get the benefit of switching between different polar patterns according to your needs.

USB Microphone

A USB microphone is considered the best for iPad, Mac, and PC.  Its versatility and suitability as a multi-platform tool make it the best microphone for YouTube, streaming, gaming, and recording podcasts.

In short, it’s an economical option for clear, high-quality, and crisp sound on your devices.

Lark M1 is the wireless Lav mic that can be easily connected to the USB port and deliver unparalleled sound quality. Some models of the USB microphone have headphone output that permits the user to listen directly through the headphones.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Microphone for Your Podcast

A successful podcast is all about creating persuading, engaging, and interesting content. But after getting a superb idea about the topic, every podcaster at some point will realize the need for a better microphone wireless Lavalier microphone.

Picking one microphone that works the best for you is a difficult task but this guide will help you choose the one.

1. Type of Microphone

Two major types of microphones are USB and XLR. You can choose among these as per your recording requirements. USB microphones are popular as they have a ‘plug-and-play feature that doesn’t need any external accessory to connect to the computer.

XLR requires additional hardware, a mixer, or an audio interface for this purpose. But this interface provides the lower noise floor which acts as an external sound card. It is mostly used in professional recording setups.

2. Podcast Sound Quality

Microphones used for podcasting are generally sensitive to the surrounding environment. A sound that is too booming or too dry can have a negative effect on the overall sound quality. For this reason, choose the recording location wisely.

A carpeted room with drapes and other soft materials is the key to dampening sound reflections which keeps the recorded sound clear without any echo. Podcasting is on the rise so it’s imperative to provide high-quality podcasts.

Choosing the right location is one of the key considerations that can help you achieve the goal.

3. Number of Speakers

If you are planning to invite more than one guest to the podcast, it will be good to understand the polar patterns of the wireless Lavalier mic.

For instance, podcasters prefer cardioid mics for solo speakers and bi-directional mics for two speakers which can record sound from front and back. There are a few microphones that allow the user to pick the desired one from the different polar patterns.

So it is crucial to consider whether you are inviting one speaker or multiple for choosing the right microphone.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right microphone has a great impact on the listening experience of your followers.

Lark M1 from Hollyland has all the desired features that are perfect to deliver what you want. From long-range frequency and noise cancellation to simultaneous recording and charging, it is the most intuitive in design and easy-to-carry device that can help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for the best microphone for YouTube, game streaming, or majorly podcasting, Lark M1 should be your ultimate choice!