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Ways to take screenshots on Mac

For new Apple users, migrating from Windows, the answer to how to take screenshots may be difficult. While Windows allow you to Prt Scrn, it is not that obvious on Mac. Hence, how to screenshot on Mac is a big search query. Below here are some options to take screenshot on Mac.

It is essential to segregate the world of how to screenshot on Mac into before and after Mojave because it was due to this iteration of Mac Operating System that Apple completely revolutionized its Mac screenshot controls.

Before Mojave Mac screenshot

If you haven’t upgraded to Mojave, then you should know these keys for Mac screenshot

  • ⌘ + Shift + 3
  • ⌘ + Shift + 4

The first one is the simplest to get a grip on and the fastest to take benefit of when going for a Mac screenshot as it immediately captures the complete screen. If you use several screen, it will take screenshot for all the screens simultaneously.

The second one is a little nuanced manner to take screenshot on Mac. It doesn’t capture the full screen but only the selected area you wish to capture.

After Mojave Mac screenshot

Now the users have the option to print screen on Mac with ⌘ + Shift + 5. When you press this, you get several options

  1. Capture full screen
  2. Capture chosen window
  3. Capture chosen portion
  4. Record full screen
  5. Record selected parts

Once you have chosen your option, you can easily take the screenshot as well as video output.

With the help of touch bars

You can also include a screenshot button in the touch bar. Below here are the steps to do it;

  1. Click on the preferences of keyboard
  2. Tap on the customize control strip
  3. Drag the button to the touch bar and click done.

Once you have done this, now you can take the screenshot

  1. Just click on the screenshot button there
  2. Click on Save to choose the saving location
  3. Then choose the kind of screenshot you want. Right from full screen to a selected portion, you can take any screenshot you want

Third party screenshot apps for Mac Operating System

Some may find pressing shortcuts a little tiresome and confusing. Hence, you can pick a tool for Mac to take screenshots. The third party apps help you in capturing screen easily. Whether you want full screen, a particular window or a particular content, you can easily capture anything. Some of the screenshot apps available for Mac are Snappy, Lightshot for Mac, MonoSnap, Clean Shot X etc.

Once the screenshot is taken, the ones taken with the keyboard are saved as .png files on your desktop. You can see a number of pictures on your desktop, so you should organize them in a particular manner.

The article gives you an idea to take screenshots on Mac with ease. Choose any of the above ways to take screenshot on Mac with convenience and simplicity.