Wearing a bikini in Europe away from the beach could see you fined

Australian tourist reveals what you should NEVER do while on in holiday in Europe – and the bikini habit that could see you fined $1,000

  • Aussie offers advices for tourists to Italy 
  • She warns don’t wear bikinis in beach towns 
  • Also advises to cover-up to visit churches 

An Australian traveller has warned that tourists could face steep fines in Europe for a habit that’s commonplace Down Under.

Melbourne woman Marti, who has been documenting her preparations for a European holiday on TikTok, warned that in Italy bikinis are strictly for the beach and wearing them in town can attract fines up to $800.

‘You are likely to get a fine if you wear something like this around the beach towns,’ Laura said gesturing towards a photo of a bikini-clad woman.

‘I don’t know what it is about Italians but they do not want tourists going around in their bikini around the little towns near the beaches.

‘If you’re planning on going to the beach, bring an extra T-shirt with you so you can cover up, and the old Italian ladies and men will be happy.’

Melbourne woman Marti has delivered a warning that could save tourists to Italy hundreds of dollars

A number of people commenting pointed out that this rule didn’t only apply to Italy, even if other countries might not inflict fines for the behaviour.

‘I will say almost anywhere in Europe you should only wear bikinis at the beach, and in the city summer ( ish) but proper clothes even if its hot!’ one person commented.

‘It’s not just about Italy being catholic, Netherlands is pretty much atheist and it’s the same here, u dont only wear ur bikini if ur not at the beach,’ another person noted.

A few people were dismayed to learn of the norm. 

‘This makes me rly sad bc i just got comfortable in my skimpy bathing suits but i usally bring a long dress for a cover up but i plan on living there,’ one person said.

‘That’s okay!’ Marti replied.

‘Once you live there you get used to it trust me!!! You can easily cover up and be fine I promise.’

Most people thought prohibition was not too much to ask.

‘Ppl just need to stop assuming that their culture/norms are gonna be the same in other countries. do research before traveling to be more respectful!’ one person wrote. 

Marti, who works in marketing, also offered the warning that it wasn’t just around beaches where visitors to Italy might cause unintended offence. 

In some European countries swimwear is considered to only be appropriate attire for the beach

In some European countries swimwear is considered to only be appropriate attire for the beach

‘If you’re visiting a church or anything religiously historical… chances are some places will tell you to cover up before you go in,’ she said. 

A commenter noted that this could apply for Spain as well as other traditionally Catholic countries.

‘I literally had to put on a jean jacket in Seville before touring the cathedral bc my spaghetti strap dress was ‘inappropriate’ it was 90+ degrees out,’ the comment lamented. 

Last year the southern Italian beachside town of Sorrento brought in a fine of over $800 for those wearing inappropriate bathing suits away from the sand.

Other towns, mainly in the south, have similar local penalties as do Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Mallorca. 

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