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What Alternatives Can Be Used As Leisure Batteries?

Due to the development of leisure battery technology in recent years, variants of traditional caravans or batteries have emerged. A leisure battery is a concept that is more suitable for caravans or motorhomes or marine, for a particular form of battery. It has 12volts and is used for powering items such as lamps, pumps or heating fans. The way to release energy for longer periods is perfect for a caravan or caravan as the daily operation doesn’t require high battery performance.

Two very different sources of power are a leisure battery and a car battery. In the short term, each battery can be used instead of the other. A car battery is intended to provide the motor with a burst of energy when necessary, while a recreational battery releases a lower amount of power over a longer period to power the devices.

Because of the difference between the intended uses, the batteries are not made in the same way. A car battery has smaller plates and separators so that a long period is not as well-equipped for lower energy levels and vice versa for leisure batteries.

There is a kind of battery that can perform well at both functions, an AGM battery.

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Let’s find out about leisure battery types:

  • Standard batteries, also known as calcium or cranking batteries.
  • Standard leisure batteries are known as auxiliary batteries or batteries for deep cycling.
  • Deep-cycle batteries are also known as semi traction and traction.

In addition to the lead-acid batteries, certain alternatives can be used as leisure batteries.

Gel Batteries: These are used in vehicles that are more likely than normal to crash, such as jet skis and quads. Inside the battery gel, the risk of damage is removed and the risk of injury caused by the leak of corrosive acid is thereby eliminated. In the event of accidents, some imported motor caravans and caravans are now equipped with gel batteries.

AGM batteries: AGM batteries consist of plates and fibre compressed in each cell. This makes the battery much longer than plum acid in combination with complex production processes. But producing is much more costly. AGM batteries have the advantage of functioning both as initial and as leisure batteries and can handle a higher number of charging cycles.

Maintenance-free: While traditional batteries are equipped with removable caps to allow the water to check and to top the acid level. This is a sealed device not supported because it is rarely necessary to do this anyway for batteries that are not charged more than 14.6V. As 14,8V or more is used, the electrolyte level of a battery should be periodically monitored and refilled when required.

Many 12V appliances in a caravan or motorhome require the use of a leisure battery, but even if it wasn’t needed, it is recommended. There is a good reason not to power the machines directly from the power supply, but to use the leisure battery. Apart from powering devices, the secondary role of a leisure battery is to remedy any irregularities in power supplies and ensure that users and their devices are protected.