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What are some getting to know your kids questions?

When the kids are small, they ask numerous questions from their parents because they like to know about the things which they can’t understand. As questioning is the best way to know about anything, so you can know your kids as well through questioning. If you don’t know which type of questions you should ask your kids to know them, then you are at the right post as here, you can get the list of these questions.

So, the following are the getting to know you questions for kids that you should ask to know about them and to know about their personality, likes, and dislikes:

Question #1: What is the thing which you think I don’t know about you?

This is one of the best questions to know your kids as it will allow them to tell you the thing which they think you don’t about them. You may think that you know your kid very well, but your kid exactly knows what you know about them and what you don’t. This question will also allow them to share their feelings with you and help you in knowing how much your kid thinks that you know about him/her.

Question #2: You like dreaming about which thing?

This question will be helpful for you in knowing the preferences and choices of your kids and what they like the most. When parents know about the things which their kids like, they can guide their kids to choose a career according to that in future. So, if you also want to help your kid in their career selection when they grow up, start recognizing their preferences from starting. Hence, asking them about the thing which they love to dream about will help you a lot in knowing your kids better.

Question #3: Which is the thing you don’t like to think about?

It will help you in knowing the things that your kids want to avoid. When you know the things they don’t like, you will start knowing their personality better. By knowing that, you can avoid the things in your house which your kids don’t like, it will make them feel comfortable in the house and provide them an environment in which they grow with the best personality.

Question #4: What thing do you fear most?

When you know the fears of your child, you can help your child in fighting these fears. So, in order to help them, you should ask them about the things which they fear most and then you can help them overcome this fear. It will help them in becoming a better person and a brave person as well.


In order to make your kid a better person in the future and to develop their personality, it is essential to know them. a few questions will help you in knowing your kids and in this post, you can read these questions. So, if you want to know these questions, you should read this post.