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What are the Benefits of Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are a modern way to advertise your business and can even be used as a method of decoration within the interior space. The acrylic sign is made up of two acrylic sheets that sandwich a light diffusing material, creating a high-quality illuminated acrylic sign that easily attracts attention.

So what are the benefits of acrylic signs?

1. Lightweight Design

Acrylic signs are much lighter than other signage options which make them perfect for hanging from windows or suspended from building facades. In addition to this acrylic, signs can also hold an image making it suitable as a banner stand to promote brands at events and exhibitions.

Many acrylic sign manufacturers offer outdoor acrylic sign sizes which have been designed specifically with outdoor use in mind, meaning acrylic signs can work for long-term outdoor use at any time of the year. So how do acrylics hold up in extreme temperatures?

Although acrylic will discolor in extreme cold and in some cases become brittle and crack when in extremely hot or humid conditions acrylic is still a preferred material for signage because it is more lightweight than other materials such as glass.

However, acrylic signs may be too thin to be used as a safety sign that would hinder someone from walking into it however acrylic signs are available thicker than others so using acrylic with thicker Perspex sheets may be an option you wish to consider.

2. Personalized Printing

Acrylic offers excellent print clarity which means images can look crisp and vibrant allowing your business to stand out with acrylic signs and acrylic prints. Acrylic print clarity allows acrylic to be perfect for color-changing acrylic signs which are where acrylic can be printed in different shades of the same color, giving the effect that the acrylic has two colors however this is just one color printed on both sides!

3. Use as a Safety Sign

Whilst acrylic may not suffer from any warping or bending as glass signage would acrylic can still hold safety symbols such as stop and warning symbols without losing its strength. This makes it suitable for highlighting areas within an office space further by also incorporating signage into your existing building interior design – another benefit of acrylic signage.

4. Affordable Signs

Due to their lightweight designs, acrylic signs are an affordable signage option that is perfect for small businesses or start-ups with acrylic signage prices coming in at a low cost, making acrylic signs very affordable.

5. Acrylic can be glazed

Glazing acrylic signs will protect the acrylic from fading in sunlight and are recommended when using acrylic in exterior spaces where it could be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day.

6. Resistant to Chemicals

Acrylic is resistant to many chemicals that can stain glass however acrylic can still be stained by graffiti so if you are planning on using an acrylic sign outside it may need some form of protective coating applied, especially if there is a chance of vandalism due to displaying your business name outside your premises.

7. What Size Acrylic Sign Should You Use?

Acrylic comes in various thicknesses which vary by acrylic sign manufacturer, with acrylic signage sizes ranging from 15mm all the way up to 50mm. Thicker acrylic signs are commonly used for safety signage but acrylic is available thinner than this too.

Acrylic can be made into any applicable shape or size making acrylic perfect for the job required of the acrylic sign, however, acrylic is most popularly sold in standard rectangular sheets.

Although acrylic may lack some properties that glass has such as corrosion resistance and a lustrous shine there are still several benefits that acrylic holds over the glass when it comes to signs, including lightweight designs which include light diffusing material allowing your business to stand out from the crowd when using acrylic signage options.


Acrylic may come in many different thicknesses however acrylic still has the same properties regardless of its thickness so acrylic signs are an ideal choice for signage applications as they are lightweight, affordable, and best of all acrylic will not corrode or be affected by humidity like glass can do making acrylic a great option if you need to create indoor-outdoor signage that needs to last longer than just one season.