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What are the benefits of Explainer Videos?

A video pops up on the main page of most websites, which in general gives an overview of things on the website. An explainer video divides the complex information into chunks and makes it easier to understand.

If someone starts talking about a complex mechanism of chemistry, we know where it will lead. By making an explainer video we make that information simpler and graphical visuals make it more understandable. People love when they get what they want to hear.

It’s easier to talk about an unfamiliar idea in an explainer video and this gives more retention time due to its enchanting effects.

Benefits of explainer videos

Work like a charm: In this era of haste, getting attention is all about or you will be ignored just like many other people. We don’t stay on the same video which starts to load on Facebook so how someone is supposed to listen to your video if it’s not enough attention seeker?

Humans are born curious and this habit remains until he/she dies. An explainer video contains graphics, editors, texts, and many more which create curiosity and compel the brain of the viewer to keep it watching. This curiosity attracts more attention of the brain and gives longer life to short spanned attention.

Information for everyone: Advertiser always doesn’t give simple data but sometimes it requires an explanation of some technical terms. Why it’s necessary to explain? Well, how are you going to sell your product to a customer who does not understand what it is all about?

Explainer videos make this information digestible even for thickheads and stats show that  98% of customers fall for a product after watching this explainer video.

What exactly makes things simpler and digestible? Well, it’s all about visuals, creative and exciting images or animations are backing up the complex information. Some people cannot understand the whole thing but with a visual aid, they get the point.

Increase web traffic: When you search on Google, what are the things that appear on the upper side of the page? These are all videos, which means Google shows videos first, so if your website has some kind of video you have a higher chance of being clicked.

Why do these views matter? Well, it’s necessary to have good traffic on your website, or else your website will vanish from existence. With an explainer video, there are high chances that your web traffic curve will raise. With an explainer video you have a 50% more chance of being clicked, and selling the product.

All-rounder: People are so active on social media like Facebook or Instagram that things get viral in minutes. The explainer video can be uploaded to any platform and can be shared. Once the video gets viral, you would have a spike in selling.

According to the stat, you can have 93% increases in your product selling by posting it on social media. An explainer video is compatible not only with social media but also with TV ads.

In this digital era, smartphones are the choice of most people and they tend to learn more in less time. These explainer videos can explain complex things in minimum time which gives greater retention time.

An explainer video can be formed in different styles

The style of video depends upon the product being advertised and the kind of audience is there.

  • 2D Explainer Video: Two-dimensional is just like the videos which are pictured on camera. That doesn’t mean that we cannot make animated 2D videos. Infographics placed in these videos highlight the point of view and kinetic explainers are more attention-seeking and deliver information in simple terms.
  • You have a lot of variety like a whiteboard, frame-by-frame, or shape-out explainer video, whatever suits you and your product.
  • 3D Explainer Video: 3D modeling and texturing give a more realistic view to a more interacting object and attention-seeking, though harder than 2D for an artist. There is also a whole lot of quality and types; you can choose your compatible one.

If you want a professional video, you better start looking for an editor, texture designer, 3D designer, kinetic typographer, and animator. Yeah, that’s a whole lot but don’t worry there is Wow-How online studio that works as a team for creating videos like that.

You can order explainer videos at Wow-How studio.