What are the Benefits of High Visibility Clothing?

Look at any construction site and you’ll see a sea of colors. The predominant ones will be orange and yellow high visibility vests. But there will be the odd blue one for medically trained personally. In addition, you’ll find a multitude of hard hats adding to the color.

But, it’s not just construction sites that use hi-vis clothing. They are now present in almost every industry and for good reason. The right hi-vis workwear can save lives!

Here are 5 benefits of high visibility clothing:

  1. Safety

The most obvious reason for high visibility clothing is safety. If you’re wearing hi-vis then your colleagues know where you are. That means they won’t accidentally pour the cement where you’re working or run you over with the forklift.

The point is accidents do happen in the workplace, wearing high visibility clothing helps to reduce the number of accidents. Being aware of where other employees are means that you can be warned t move or staff will delay starting jobs to ensure you are safe first.

It may not make you popular but it could literally save your life.

  1. Visibility

It’s not surprising that you’ll be more visible when wearing hi-vis clothing. This is beneficial to colleagues and members of the public, especially if you’re working in an unusual or dark place. When people aren’t expecting to see you they can be startled, causing an accident. But, if you’re wearing hi-vis there won’t be an issue. Everyone will know where you are.

The high visibility of this type of clothing will also ensure that employers can track their employees. This makes it easier to spot someone who shouldn’t be on-site and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

  1. Uniformity

There is a huge range of choices available when choosing the best high visibility clothing. It’s not just a thin vest over existing clothing. Hi-vis can be built into existing clothing and coupled with reflective stripes. This dramatically increases visibility while creating a uniform for your employees.

A uniform helps each member to feel like they belong and that they are part of a team.

  1. Warmth

Because the hi-vis clothing can be adapted to specific needs it can be more than just a uniform. It can also be the perfect way to boost the warmth of your staff in difficult situations. Because wearing high visibility clothing is a requirement the clothing can be made with their specific environment in mind.

In short, a high visibility fleece can help your employee enjoy the job more. While keeping the warm they will be more productive and happier to put in the necessary hours.

Don’t forget, happy staff are more productive and more likely to stay with your business. That reduces training costs and potentially boosts your bottom line. It’s hard to argue with that!

  1. Promotes Teamwork

In the past you may have been the odd one out of you wore a hi-vis jacket. Today, everyone wears them, and having one is likely to make people feel like one of the team. This gives them a sense of belonging which results in building relationships with colleagues.

In turn, staff will be happier, less likely to leave, and more inclined to make suggestions that can improve the current process.

In short, something as simple as ensuring staff where hi-vis clothing can reduce your costs and improve your revenue. That’s a real bonus for your bottom line. Give a little of it back to your employees and you’ll create an environment where employees don’t want to leave.