What are the best long-distance gifts?

Receiving gifts from loved ones is always great happiness. And to receive signs of attention from those who are far away bring even more pleasure. The value of such care increases in proportion to the number of miles. Here are some unique ideas for the best long-distance gifts – they will help brighten up the time before the next meeting and cheer up your partner, friend, or relative remotely.

The most popular gifts for long-distance relationships

All these gifts for long-distance couples make the time apart feeling less stressful. What can be more calming than seeing a sudden light up of your long distance lamp, or feeling a light squeeze of your wrist in a difficult moment? That is no matter how far away you’re from each other – you are staying connected.

Long Distance Lamps

That is something special! No matter how far you are from each other, as soon as you touch your lamp – your friend’s lamp will light up immediately. Just then, your friend (or soulmate) will understand that you are thinking of him at this very moment while sending him a signal of gratitude and attention.

Long-distance friendship lamps can be used not only by two people but by a whole group of best buddies – they can be united into one general group through home Wi-Fi (when each of the friends buys a similar lamp for themselves or someone presents the long-distance lamp to everyone). So at one moment, you can light up all the lamps of this network (or at least one lamp of the closest person) by touching yours.

This is a great gift for couples or friends that want not only to communicate via voice and video connection but also need to feel each other’s presence even at a distance.

Moreover, these touch lamps can be used as regular and bedside ones – a wooden design will complement every interior perfectly. The color palette of the LED elements, which is huge and changeable, can relate to any mood.

Such a beautiful, pleasant, and sometimes necessary gift as a lamp for a long-distance relationship can be presented not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for February 23rd or March 8th, and it definitely will be considered a warm and moving gesture.

Touch Bracelets to stay in touch with lovers and friends

That is another long-distance sync gift that allows the closing distance between lovers or friends. This is a set of paired bracelets, via which a couple can send touches to each other, even from other countries. How the device works: as soon as you touch the bracelet in two places (the protection against accidental touch), a signal will be sent to the paired smartphone.

It is then transmitted to the application of the second bracelet wearer and causes this bracelet to gently squeeze his or her wrist. Special tactile technology simulates real touch, rather than usual phone vibration.

Couple Keychains, Puzzle Piece Keychains

Puzzle piece keychains symbolizing the connection of two parts that are perfectly suited in shape and create a single whole only with each other will be a great option for soulmates. There are often various romantic inscriptions or tender wishes on such keychains.

Pair keychains of a heart shape are especially popular, as it is one of the main symbols of love. There are a lot of variations of this accessory: with two equal parts of one heart; with a key that opens access to sincere feelings; a large heart with a smaller one inside it.

Pillow Talk for long-distance relationships

A device that helps to connect loving hearts at any distance. This unusual gadget includes two wireless pillows and two straps that detect the heartbeat through special sensors. When one partner goes to sleep and lies on his pillow, the other’s one heats up slightly and starts to glow. He puts on a small chest strap under his pajamas, and his loved one can already hear the beating of his heart.

Such a sync gadget allows you to hear the beating of each other’s hearts in real-time, and to feel the comfort and relaxation similar to ones we experience when falling asleep next to the beloved person.