What are the different types of PPC Services available in the market?

PPC is one of the most popular online advertising. The commonly available Pay-Per-Click Services are majorly three types which are;

Search Advertising:

In this type of PPC service, your business website will get advertised as soon as someone searches something relative. There are two main platforms for conducting this type of ad, and they are as follows:

  • Google AdWords:

As the name suggests, this is an advertising department of the managed by Google. In this platform, advertisers make a certain amount of payment and come forth with their short ads, product listing, service offerings, video content, etc. Through this ad network, advertisers get to reach to the web users easily. The three basic networks of this platform are;

  • Search Network:

In this case, viewers can watch your ads which are majorly text-based either on the Google search result as well as on various other sites where your keywords match with the relevance of a user’s search. The ads can also appear above or below the Google Search results also besides many other Google Platforms like Google Play, Shopping, Map, etc.

  • Display Network:

It is a very well-known fact that Google is one of the largest advertising platforms. Through its various sections of operation like Gmail, YouTube, News Blogs, etc. Google is always visible to most of the world. Making use of this advantage you as an advertiser should put up engaging and attractive ads which will help you reach out to potential customers. With Google’s targeting options, you get carved to display your ad to the right bunch of people. This is what Display Network is all about.

  • Search Network with Display Select:

This is a process similar to Search Network where you get to arrange your ad with proper keywords and setting bids and daily budgets. Next step is the dividing of your budget between Search Network and Display Network which is done by this campaign itself; wherein Google will use up the major of the budget in Search Network while the remainder will be used in the Display Network ads.

  • Bing Ad’s:

            In this particular service, you get to access both Bing and Yahoo for your advertising. Here your search engine is Aol.com. Ruling over more than 30% of the search engine market and also homing around 5 million searches each month, anyone can understand Bing ads’ capability to spot out a target audience and transport your advertisement to them for future success.

Social Advertising:

There hardly anyone nowadays who have no access to even one social media account. So advertising your brand on social media is one of those ways where you get the attention of 90% of the world. Hence your social media account must be driving, alluring, and dynamic so that people are compelled to follow your page. Among the others, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are the most successful for PPC.


Apart from only drawing in new clients, you can also work on older visitors who might have visited your page but made no commendable activity. Here you basically redirect them to your page with displaying relevant ads on other devices.


There are others too that can be joined into the list like Affiliate Marketing and all, but these three are the demanding and the most frequently opted ones.