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What are the GRE subject test and scoring?

Are you aware of the GRE subject test? Do you want to study further in your specific subject? If yes, you are on the right path because, in this article, you will learn about the GRE subject test. First, let’s talk about what is GRE?

It is the graduate board examination. It is used to get admission to postgraduate programs. It works worldwide, more especially in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Those students who want to study abroad are more likely to attempt this test.

Not only this, but many students are willing to go overseas for their masters and other programs. So, it is the best opportunity because the GRE test has acceptance for every field like law, literature, medical, and business.

Be sure to make your mind first and then apply for the test. Some students use different subjects, and some are more likely to apply for specific GRE subject tests. You are worried because the situation is a bit complicated nowadays, so it is not easy, but online studies have given candidates who want to study.

Many online websites like are providing the facility to prepare for this test. The fee to complete the GRE is not much high. It has a fair price. Applying for the GRE test gives a lot of benefits. Plus, its subject test is also helpful, so let’s discuss below them.

The GRE subject test is to be used to achieve knowledge in a particular field of study. These are for undergraduates in primary subjects like chemistry, physics, psychology, mathematics. If you graduate in a specific topic, then it helps you to stand out from other candidates. Every issue has different content and if you don’t know about your GRE prep for chemistry let’s have a sneak and peak.


Chemistry is the tough one in the GRE subject test, and not every student is willing to give. But it has a high demand in practical life. A brief overview is here for you so that you will know about it.

There are various fields in chemistry. In the GRE test, there is an analytical chemistry portion with 15% included in it. Then comes the inorganic chemistry part, which is 25%added to the test. Organic chemistry 30% and then last physical chemistry 30% in the trial. So, this is the distribution of marks in the test.

You have to secure them for a high score in the GRE chemistry test. The chemistry paper is almost 130 multiple-choice questions. Although it is challenging to study and attempt, the outcomes are also good if you work hard. Increase your study time and involve yourself in preparing for tests. There is another subject test, but these are for those with a tight grip on the chemistry subject.


It is the subject that explains it like this subject is for professionals. Those who lead this subject should have a firm grip on its calculation. If you think you are totally in love with the math subject, then choose to prepare for the GRE math test. It is not only about solving the questions but also a vast subject with many branches.

The GRE content specification for this subject is that it contains a total of 55 % of calculus. If you want to pursue business studies, then this subject test is very much important. After calculus, the rest of the test is on algebra and another additional topic. The comprehensive GRE math test has 66 multiple-choice questions. You should speed up and learn to have a good interest in maths. It is a tricky subject but yet satisfying.

It is a fundamental subject and gives you various scopes in the business field. That will be great for your successful future.


Now we have the subjects which are more likely to attempt by the males as compared to females. But it’s not an easy subject. It would be best if you had to use your mind and then do your physics.

The students in physics specification love everything related to machines, plus many things in the household are based on pure physics. That’s how it’s an essential and common field for studying.

Don’t you want to learn about the GRE content?

If yes, then let’s start. Ultimately it is significantly lengthy content, but not impossible to study. It includes the classical mechanics it has 20% participation in your subject. Then further, the test consists of electromagnetism 18% optics and wave phenomenon is almost 9% statistical mechanics is of 10% added. Quantum physics, atomic physics, and in this test laboratory methods are also available in tests. The GRE preparation websites prepare the student for these tests.


A fantastic start for an accessible future is this field. Everyone knows that’s science has very tough subjects. So, those weak students apply in this category because it’s a bit easy and seems interesting.

Are you one of those who want a human daily life study?

So, psychology is a mixture of biological, cognitive, social, developmental, and clinical approaches related to questions. In this, the biological part contains 17-21% of the actual GRE test. And the cognitive function includes 24% of the total score in the subject test.

Social has 14%, developmental has 15 %, and clinical have 19% in their total scores for a physics test.

Now you know that how the subjects’ tests can be performed. Sometimes the methodology part is also added in this subject test and contains at least a 19% score. All the content specifications should be in your knowledge if you are deciding to give it a try. It’s all the hard work you put into this that makes a sweet fruit in the end. Don’t be fed up with a few fights and make your goal to achieve something in the future.


I hope you get all the information related to the GRE subject test and about their scoring. Prepare yourself before you join.