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What Are the Most Popular Blockchain-Based Games?

Perhaps one of the most affected industries by the blockchain technology is the gaming industry. The two seem simply made for each other, and there are dozens of projects which want to explore how to further relate them.

Nowadays, there are numerous blockchain games which many enthusiasts play on a daily basis. Apart from the already popular ones such as bitcoin casino games that are relying on digital gold for transactions, there are many additional genres that are actively being explored. These go way beyond the crypto-surface, digging into the biggest secrets of blockchain. But what exactly are these blockchain games that we are talking about, and how are they different from the traditional ones?

How Are Blockchain Games Different?

If you know a thing or two about blockchain, you could probably guess what makes these games stand out. The first and most important thing is that these games are decentralized. In other words, there is no central authority that governs the “rules” in the game. Instead, these are governed by the use of so-called smart contracts.

Here is a simple example. When you play World of Warcraft, admins can give and take your items as they wish. That doesn’t happen in blockchain games, as its assets are distributed and have real value that cannot be nulled by a central authority. With in-game tokens holding real value, games based on the blockchain technology could revolutionize the gaming industry.

Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties (or CryptoKitties) is the first popular blockchain game that took that brave step of connecting games with the technology. It was released back in 2017 and was so popular at one point that the Ethereum network was unable to work properly.

The game itself is pretty simple — all you have to do is take care of your kitties and collect them. Essentially, all kitties are unique and cannot be changed in any way. They are based on the idea that they cannot be interchangeable for other cryptos. In other words, these kitties are assets, with each of them having its unique features.

My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes further explored the use of blockchain in gaming. Although the game itself is far from being perfect or comparable in any way with popular PC and Console games, it does borrow some things from popular RPG games. This Ethereum-based game is inspired by old pixelated games and allows you to pick your hero, equip them with unique items and send them into the battle.

The game features PvE and PvP modes where you can obtain rare items that are called Original Extensions and are used for upgrading your equipment. Both your heroes and their items are completely unique and can be considered assets that you can sell and make a profit!

The Multiverse

The Multiverse is not actually a game, but rather a platform connecting all the different games and their universes into one big “multiverse.” This feature was a subject of discussion among many blockchain enthusiasts and professionals for a really long time, as they recognized the possibility of such a project.

The project is run by Enjin, a company that has created several different genres of games that are all running on a single network but are not related to each other. However, items in games can be bought and sold between universes, appearing in different forms and getting different functions.

The best thing about this project is that it will allow game developers in the future to add their games to existing multiverses, connecting them with other games. How cool is that?


Etheromon is a mixture of Crypto Kitties and Pokemon GO. Basically, it mixes virtual reality with blockchain technology, meaning that you can go out collecting Ethermons (little monsters existing in an augmented world), train them and trade them with other players. It is actually something that was somewhat expected to happen, and someone had to take the first step.

These Mons all have their value, and each Mon is unique. The game also has the so-called Emont Tokens which are used as an in-game currency, as well as a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other currencies.


The gaming industry is slowly shifting towards blockchain, as it offers various new possibilities. However, it is still very early to make any kind of prediction about the two. This type of game is yet to reach the mainstream and, until then, it will be reserved for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

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