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What Are the Proper Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall at Work?

You might think it will never happen to you but workplace injuries are much more common than you think. Private industry employers reported that approximately 2.8 million work-based injuries and illnesses occurred in 2019 alone.

What should you do if you have any accident or slip and fall at work? We will take you exactly what to do when this unfortunate event occurs.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing to do when you have had a slip and fall at work is to seek medical attention from your doctor, however minor. By having a full medical exam you can assess the damage caused and whether you will need additional treatment or have time off sick.

This will also be helpful if you need any medical evidence for any claims brought against your employer further down the line.

Report the Accident 

You will need to report your accident to any line manager so they are aware of the incident and exactly what happened. The sooner you have reported the accident, this will be on record for any subsequent trial or cases and will be beneficial for your end result.

When it comes to a slip and fall accident at work, don’t delay, the sooner you report it the better.

Gather Evidence 

To strengthen your claim, you will need to show at much evidence as possible around the time of the slip and fall. If you have any photos of your injuries, your workplace, or the environment where you had your accident, this will work in your favor.

Witness testimonies or any proof of lack of safety procedures will also be invaluable to your case. Also, check whether there were any CCTV cameras that could be utilized to document any further evidence.

When it comes to evidence, there is no such thing as too much. Plan ahead and have this available for your lawyers to look over before any trials.

Consult an Attorney 

When it comes to having a case before a judge or jury you will need a lawyer who is well versed in accident law. Having a slip and fall injury could severely impact your day-to-day life, you want an attorney that recognizes this and can get you the most in terms of settlement and treatment.

Do your research and find a lawyer who has a good track record and is experienced in this area of the law. You can show them your gathered evidence and they will be able to recommend the best course of action for you.

It might even be that you can negotiate a settlement out of court, saving you valuable time that you can use to focus on getting better and returning to work.

If you want to learn about lawyers that specialize in workplace accidents and injuries, click the link to find out more.

Slip and Fall at Work Injuries

When you have had a slip and fall at work, remember that it’s not something you have to tackle alone.

Seek help from medical and law professionals and ensure you receive what you are entitled to.

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