What are the regular ways to clean tile and grout?

No one enjoys cleaning, especially when you have to clean the bathroom or kitchen. It seems that no matter how hard or how often you scrub the tiles, it seems that the grout always remains discoloured and stained. But what is there was a way to keep your grout clean? Don’t worry, there aren’t secret tricks of the trade or an old wives’ tale, just a few cleaning tools that will help you keep your grout pristine!

Angled Scrubbing Brush

If you really want to get into the grout, then you’re going to need an angled scrubbing brush. They are better than toothbrushes as they have firmer bristles that can really withstand a lot of abuse and strong chemical cleaners. Grout brushed are triangle in shape and allow you to clean corners and edges easily. As they are designed for grout cleaning, the handles are ergonomically designed, with comfortable grips. This makes sure that even after a long session of scrubbing your entire bathroom, you won’t feel fatigue in your hands. This sets the angled scrubbing brush apart from anything else on the market, as they haven’t been designed with the same considerations.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

After a while, grout can become black due to the constant damp that it is exposed to, whether this is in your kitchen or bathroom you might find that your grout has gone black. When this happens, there isn’t much you can do in terms of scrubbing, you’ll need to bleach and clean the area to remove the black marks. If this happens, use a hydrogen peroxide cleaner. Not only will it kill any and all bacteria, leaving the area clean, but it will also bleach out those awful mould marks, leaving you with clean, white grout. When you are using a product such as this, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate PPE. You don’t want to get this type of cleaner on your hands as it can burn the skin. You will also need to make sure that all of your windows and doors are open, as inhaling it can damage the lungs.

Handheld Steam Cleaner

If you want results that last and don’t want to use a corrosive substance such as a hydrogen peroxide cleaner, a handheld steam cleaner is an excellent option for cleaning grout. When you force steam into grout, it essentially flushes out even the most embedded of dirt. You’ll find that your grouting will look filthy initially, but once you wipe it, all the dirt will come away with it. Unlike a hydrogen peroxide cleaner, a steam cleaner will get rid of the dirt and the mould instead of bleaching it. This will also keep your grout in better quality, as you won’t be corroding it with substances, making sure that your tiling lasts longer. Handheld steam cleaners are ergonomically designed to make sure your hands don’t ache after a few hours of use. Unfortunately, cleaning grout takes time, even in smaller bathrooms, so you want to make sure that when you start on this task, you’ll be able to finish it, instead of having to stop from your hands aching.

Bleach Gel Pen

If you want a rapid fix and don’t have the time to scrub and clean, a bleach gel pen can be an excellent way to sort an issue out straight away without having to pull out all of your cleaning products. These are ideal for small areas only, but they are only suitable on grout. If you are having issues with blackening silicone, this won’t work on there. Use this only for a temporary measure, as it doesn’t get rid of the root cause of the dirt in the grout, rather it covers it up until you have the time to be able to do something about it. Keep this under the kitchen sink if you are ever in the position where people turn up to your house without a moment’s notice!


If you can’t get out of your house to get hold of a steam cleaner or a brush and really want to make a start on cleaning those pesky marks on the grout. The humble toothbrush can be a good starting point when you want to get it done and quickly. A stiff bristled toothbrush will be far better than a softer bristled one, as it will last longer. You don’t want to be using a toothbrush on its own without a good cleaner, as this won’t be effective. Before you start this task, if you can only get hold of a mildew and grime cleaner, that will make your life far easier than not using any cleaning product at all. A toothbrush will also rid you of the dirt and grime, rather than just bleaching it and covering it up.

Ending Thoughts

Cleaning grout is one of those jobs that no one really wants to do, but you can make the task far easier by investing in the correct tools and materials. One of the most effective and safe ways to clean your grout is with a handheld steam cleaner. Not only will it force steam deep into the grout and push out all of the dirt, you won’t need any harsh chemicals that require PPE. Steam will also stop the problem coming back for a long time, rather than just hiding the problem by bleaching the marks.