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What Are the Requirements to Become an ACT Firefighter?

Firefighting is one of the professions that allow people to make an effective difference. As undesirable as it is, fire hazards are inevitable. When that happens, firefighters are ever ready to swift in action.

Due to the delicacy of the profession, there are some requirements aspiring firefighters need to meet before they can be considered. These requirements differ from country to country. But our focus here will be on the ACT fire brigade.

In a moment, our readers will learn about the requirements to become a firefighter in Australia. These requirements are for new recruits. Before we get started, how can you get started with the recruitment process?

How to Get Started With the ACT Firefighter Recruitment Process

The ACT firefighter recruitment process can be handled by a registered contracted recruitment agency like Become a Firefighter. Here is the lineup of the recruitment process.

  • The ACT applications are for people hoping to become professional firefighters. Be on the look for placed ads on The Canberra Times. It could also be on the ACT Fire and Rescue official site. The open window for job ACT and application is just 14 days. When the deadline lapses, all applications submitted will be reviewed.
  • After applications have been reviewed, qualified candidates will be asked to take the ACT fire brigade aptitude test. The test lasts between 3 to 4 hours depending on how good you can make use of time. The exercise will put your knowledge on numeric verbal, and abstract to test.
  • Furthermore, the ACT test also covered a written response to questions that are related to the requirement of work health and safety. Applicants are to do away with memory aid, mobile devices, PCs, or notes.
  • Now, those that pass the aptitude test will be invited for a cardiovascular challenge test. The test is also known as the BEEP test. The test comprises a shuttle run of approximately 20 minutes. Applicants must attain a level of 9.6 to progress to the next level of the recruitment process.
  • Suitable candidates that made the cut will be invited for assessment. The assessment cut across teamwork exercise, physical aptitude test (PAT), an initial interview.
  • Applicants that made it through the assessment process will be allowed to partake in the formal interview.
  • And finally, applicants will be shortlisted for medical and psychometric assessment sessions.

The requirement to Become an ACT Firefighter for New Recruits

Now that we have that out of the way. Let’s look at the requirement to become an ACT firefighter.

  • First off, applicants must be an Australian citizens. Or perhaps a permanent residence status.
  • Must have current Australian C Class License with no restriction.
  • Must be confirmed of completion of a heavy vehicle knowledge assessment.
  • Must have a current first-aid certificate.
  • Must have current medical consent to be involved in physical abilities testing.
  • And lastly, a Police character check will be required during the selection process.

ACT Firefighter Selection Process Requirement

If all the aforementioned requirements are met, the next thing is the selection process. The process also has some conditionalities that have to be met. Some of them are:

  • Must show the ability to work effectively as a member of a highly trained team.
  • Must be able to function in a physically demanding environment.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written) are also required.
  • Must have an acute understanding of the responsibilities, roles, nature of employment of an ACT firefighter.
  • Must be devoted to excellence perform in the job. This covers personal and work-related development.

What are the Duties of an ACT Firefighter?

I know you will agree that team building thrives when it comes to firefighting. Each member of the team works under the supervision of a Station Officer. Below are some of the tasks firefighting entails.

  • Firefighters see to the preparation of appliances and other equipment designed to handle emergency scenarios. This is done through routine procedures and the application of compliance.

They are required to locate and identify fire alarms, detectors, suppression, and control systems during building inspection and call to fire.

  • Firefighters respond to rescues, fire, and other kinds of emergency situations. The way and manner they approach this as to be according to the standard operating procedures.
  • They are tasked with the responsibility of operating vehicles during emergency/non-emergency situations. This has to be carried out according to traffic regulations and other agency procedures.
  • Assist victims of casualties during accidents and other sorts of incidents.