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What Are the Special Features After an Accident with A Rental Car?

If they do not have their own car, many drivers occasionally resort to a rental car. This is also a welcome opportunity for business trips to get from A to B without having to put up with long waiting times and inconvenient detours by public transport.

As an equally “normal” road user, it is often unavoidable that an accident happens with a rental car. You are not very familiar with the vehicle and may misjudge distances. As a logical consequence, there is an increased risk of accidents.

This guide introduces you to the special features that need to be taken into account and how you can best behave after an accident with the rental car.

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What exactly should I do in the event of a car accident with the rental car?

The general rules of conduct after an accident apply. First of all, it is therefore important to properly secure the scene of the accident, to initiate first aid measures if necessary and of course to call the emergency services in the event of worse injuries.

So if there is an accident with the rental car, you should definitely call the police. The severity and intensity of the accident might be irrelevant in such a case. This means that even if the rental car has only been slightly damaged, you are always on the safe side when you call the police because repairs are almost always necessary.

In general, the car rental company regards it as mandatory to notify the police of your rental car in the event of an accident. If you act accordingly, it is not uncommon for your insurance to be void. The validity of this clause in the rental agreement is controversial in some courts.

Of course, you must then inform the company that rented the car to you as soon as possible. If you had an accident with your rental car abroad, this step is of particular importance.

The following is a summary of the most important steps in the event of a car accident involving a rental car:

  • Securing the scene of the accident
  • Provide first aid (if necessary)
  • Press emergency call (if necessary)
  • call the police

Accident with the rental car: who pays for the damage?

If you have rented a car before, you will know for sure that there are various insurance packages that you can book in addition to the car. Last but not least, the costs are often decisive. After all, nobody expects the rental car to be damaged.

Liability insurance must of course exist, as this is prescribed by law in Germany. If you damage another car with the rental car in an accident, the costs are covered.

For example, if you have the optional fully comprehensive insurance with the landlord and there is an accident with your rental car, you usually have to pay a deductible. You can usually determine how high this is yourself beforehand.

It works the other way around, of course: If your counterpart is to blame for the accident, his liability insurance takes effect and pays for any damage.

In general, the problem of “rental car in the event of accident damage” is quite complex – especially with regard to who ultimately has to pay the damage.

However, if the matter of guilt has been resolved, everything should go its way. This is one of the reasons why it is important to notify the police in the event of an accident.

However, caution is required if you yourself caused the accident through intent or gross negligence. Then your claim to insurance cover expires!

Am I entitled to a rental car after an accident?

Nothing is more annoying than a traffic accident. The driver can be happy that he or other road users were not harmed in the process, but property or sheet metal damage to the vehicle is not that easy to dismiss.

Especially not if it turns out that the car needs to be taken to the auto repair shop for a certain period of time due to repairs.

But if the injured vehicle owner depends on his car – for professional reasons, for example – the question arises whether he can use a rental car after the accident without having to pay the costs.

This guide clarifies for you whether you have the right to a rental car in the event of an accident as part of the claims settlement and whether the insurance will cover the fees for this. It also answers the question of how long the authorization has existed.

Rental car in the event of an accident through no fault of your own – yes or no?

First of all, in a nutshell: Yes, as the injured party you are entitled to a rental car after an accident. The bill for it takes usually the insurer of. However, as it is well known that insurance companies are reluctant to pay anything, there are a few small things you should consider when buying a replacement car after the accident.

Rental car after an accident: how long can I keep it?

If the injured party can prove that his vehicle is in need of repair and therefore unfit to drive, then he may keep the replacement vehicle for the repair duration in the accident. The time often begins with a damage assessment period in which an expert examines the damage.

The injured party then has one to two days to decide what to do with their vehicle: is it worth repairs or is it better to buy a new one? This normally takes around ten days into account. A rental car can also be used during this period after the accident.

Rental car costs after the accident: do I have to pay the costs myself first?

After the accident, you usually don’t have to jump into the rush to get a replacement car. The provider of the rental car usually contacts the insurance company that caused the accident and clarifies the payment with them.

When it comes to repairing costs, things are usually different. Often this must first be borne by the vehicle owner since the insurance company does not approve the application for reimbursement as quickly as one would like it to be: a point that often leads to insurance disputes.

When it comes to the price of a rental car after an accident, you shouldn’t overdo it. Compare a few offers in advance and keep within limits so that the costs for the vehicle are relatively in the middle.

Claim for rental cars in the event of an accident: which model should it be?

Stay true to your model, because as a rule, the injured driver can already rent a vehicle of the same value, which corresponds at least to the same vehicle class. So if you drove a small car before, you shouldn’t rent a luxury vehicle. Ultimately, however, what counts are the costs and therefore the amount of the billing for the rental car after an accident.

What other options are there besides the rental car?

Furthermore, after a traffic accident, drivers also have the option of claiming compensation for loss of use instead of a rental car. So if you don’t necessarily need your car every day, then compensation for downtime can be much more effective, as you get paid out here that you can use freely.

Compensation is also only paid for the duration of the repair.