What are the technological trends that are impacting automotive industry?

When it comes to the latest automobile technology trends, certain common areas appear high on the agenda for all leading manufacturers. Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared mobility, and Electrification, together known as CASE, are creating most of the buzz in the automotive industry. As a result, most of the innovation efforts of the automobile researchers are being fit into these broad categories.

The industry as a whole stands to gain from this concerted approach towards automotive technologies. After all, it is engaging customers with a clearer vision of what to expect in the future.


Digitization is the new technology in an automobile that is making visible changes in the cockpit. Riding on this change is a plethora of technologies like the Internet of Things, telematics, and smart applications. Apart from improving the infotainment panel in the car, these technologies offer better safety and driving control of vehicles. Pre-fitted technologies that enable computer vision and augmented reality are adding a new dimension to the driving experience.

Shared mobility

Despite the commercial threat that it poses, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is fast becoming the upcoming latest technology in cars. It aims to utilize idle vehicles, reduce waiting time and pollution, and thereby increase the mobility of automobile users. Mobility concepts like peer-to-peer ride-sharing and micro-transit can revolutionize the automobile industry in the days to come.

Autonomous vehicles

Fully autonomous vehicles are still some time away. Nevertheless, 2D and 3D object identification technologies are a step in the right direction. Additions like autonomous emergency braking are a new technology in cars aimed to enhance autonomy.

There are safety concerns in letting the driver off the wheel while huge investment needs also pose a challenge. However, automakers are building up alliances to scale up vehicular autonomy research. To get such an automobile you should first check out your second-hand car eligibility, to understand the number of technological trends you can use to modify.


With improvements in batteries and charging infrastructure, the adoption of electric vehicles is already underway in many leading assembly lines. This technology is somewhat dependent on the availability of more renewable energy sources and affordable pricing. There is a certain amount of urgency in the adoption of electrification as emission norms are becoming increasingly stringent, and fossil fuel usage is actively discouraged by many countries.

Other emerging technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the robotic automation of automobiles that include fleet management, driver assistance, and self-driving.
  • Human Machine Interface is changing the driver-vehicle interaction with the use of voice-based operations and virtual assistants.
  • Additive manufacturing is aiding the manufacturing process with rapid prototyping and designing, faster spare parts designing, and optimization of spare parts quality.

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