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What are vanity numbers?

Your phone number is more than simply a collection of numbers; it’s a direct channel to your clients. The question is, how easy is it for customers to get in touch with you over the phone? Although phone calls are successful at attracting customers, phone numbers are difficult to remember. While your clients may be able to seek up your phone number online, you still want it to be as easy as possible for them to contact you.

Vanity numbers are an excellent approach to help customers remember your phone number while on the road, resulting in increased call volume and sales. Customers will be able to seamlessly transition from hearing your number and brand to purchasing your services – all from the convenience of your vanity phone number!

New clients are often hesitant to collaborate with new businesses because they are concerned if it will be worthwhile. Having a readily identifiable phone number establishes you as an authority figure in your field, and it can help persuade a buyer to utilize your brand.

What Are Vanity Numbers and How Do They Work?

Vanity numbers are one-of-a-kind alphanumeric phone numbers that are specific to your company. They can be dialled using a local area code or an 800 number. There are lots of vanity phone numbers available and unknown to many of us, which we can get from some reputed vanity phone number provider only.

You’ve probably seen vanity numbers advertised on billboards and in advertisements around town. They include figures such as:

  • 1-800-YES-HONDA
  • 800-BUY-TODAY
  • 1-800-HOT-DOGS

Vanity numbers have been used by businesses for decades to help people remember their phone numbers. This was crucial in the days before cellphones to increase client calls.  Customers can easily transcribe your phone number and contact the wrong business if your phone number is just a series of numbers. Vanity number makes it easier for customers to remember your phone number, resulting in a roughly threefold increase in inbound calls to your company.

Benefits of a Vanity Number

For businesses, vanity numbers offer two major advantages:

  • Encourage customers to contact – Vanity numbers can increase the number of inbound calls to a company threefold. Why? For the simple reason that vanity numbers are easier to remember. Customers are more likely to recall a vanity number when they see it on a billboard, automobile, or website.
  • Branding – Vanity numbers help to improve your professional image. They draw attention to your value offer right away. You know you can get flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS, after all; it’s their phone number and business name! In the process of offering customers your information, vanity numbers advertise your business. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to improve your brand.

Best Practices for Vanity Numbers

  • Use as few numbers as feasible — the area code should be the sole number in your vanity number. 123-622-FOOD is a bad number to call. The number 123-GET-FOOD is preferable because it contains fewer numeric characters and is thus easier to recall.
  • Concentrate on the perks – Include your company name or a product in the vanity number. For instance, if you own a massage parlour, you may dial 123-24/7-RELAX. The figures suggest that you provide a benefit to customers, implying that you encourage them to contact.
  • Keep things short and straightforward — it’s simpler to recall short numbers. The longer a vanity number is, the less likely it is that people will dial the correct number. Keep it brief at all times.