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What are you paying attention to buy three gold for marriage

Before the wedding, the groom’s family should buy three gold jewelry for the bride: gold custom name necklace, gold earrings, gold ring. But now the traditional three gold are out. The new “three gold” is the new darling of the new wedding jewelry. What is the new “three gold”? The new “three golds” are not all gold ornaments but diamonds, gold and jade. It is said that gold symbolizes wealth, diamonds represent love and firmness, and jadeite means family and happiness. Three adds up and make more sense.

The diamond ring has become the preferred choice for wedding jewelry. The legend that cupid ‘s arrow is of love in the hand! Every diamond arrow that is shot is giving us the blessing of love. “A diamond is Forever” “Diamonds are long-lasting, a eternal rumor” is even more stable and poked in the hearts of loved people, making diamonds stable as a representative of love, the standard of marriage. The dowry can’t be less happy. The jade has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth, good fortune and power. In recent years, more and more newcomers are beginning to wear jade. While many parents are preparing dowry for their daughter, jade is also a must.

The difference between three gold and five gold are mainly due to different regions. The “five gold” usually refers to rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets. In fact, Solid Gold Name Necklaces the shape of gold ornaments is becoming more and more fashionable. Many cartoons and flowers in gold rings are very popular among young brides, like silverware, it maintains the traditional charm and new ideas. Some small, chic gold monogram rings rose gold can be worn everyday, and the bride who is worried about its practical value can choose such a ring, which is simple and modern.

The most common gold infinity bracelets in gold bracelets are designed for dragons and phoenixes, flowers and birds. Because the bracelet itself is relatively slender, it does not affect daily wear. The other is hollow carved, with the shape of dragon and phoenix, “Xi” and so on. Gold necklaces are commonly big which used for Chinese wedding. The shapes are mostly dragons and phoenixes, birds and flowers, and the gold earrings are generally purchased together with three golds. They are more uniform and more powerful.

What are the reasons for picking three gold? Mainly observe 6 details. 1 Logo: Jewelry on the market will clearly identify the inspection mark, gold content and weight of the relevant quality inspection organization; 2 Appearance: The surface of the gold jewelry should be bright and clean, with no obvious processing marks, sharp corners and smooth touch. There must be no pores, impurities, etc. on the surface. In addition, we must carefully observe whether there are cracks, to avoid buying secondary processing jewelry; 3 color: gold content is generally according to “seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red.” For example: if the jewelry reaches 70% gold content, the color should be yellow, and 90% is yellow with purple; 4 weight: the specific gravity of gold is 19.3 g/cm3. The closer the specific gravity is to 19.3 g, the more purity it has. 5 sound: the good quality of gold fell to the ground, the sound is dull and not brittle, the poorly colored gold jewelry fell to the ground, the sound is bright and crisp, and there is a rebound. 6 Gold jewelry’s imprint includes manufacturer code, material and purity, such as: X gold 999. Among them, the letter X represents the size of the manufacturer. When the jewelry cannot be printed due to too small or too fine, etc., there is a mark containing the contents of the stamp.

What is the difference between gold, 999 and K gold? Because pure gold is soft, sometimes people add a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to pure gold to increase the strength and toughness of gold, so gold is classified according to purity. According to the relevant regulations, the gold content is not less than 990 is the full gold, the gold content is not less than 999 is the full gold 999. Since the unit of gold is “golden” and English is “Karat”, it is generally referred to as K. 24K gold – currently the market is marked with 24K gold jewelry, according to national standards, 24K gold content should theoretically be 100% pure gold, strictly speaking 24K gold does not exist, so the labeling in sales is a violation of the country Specified. In addition, the most common “18K gold” in the Chinese market, its gold content is 18 Ă— 4.1666 = 75%, the mark on the jewelry should be “18K” or “Au750” / “G750”. In recent years, with the improvement of gold processing technology, some softer gold jewelry can also achieve higher hardness, so when new people choose gold, they should also pay attention to how to create the clerk jewelry to determine the purity of gold.

How to maintain gold every day? 1 Avoid direct contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and hair gel; 2 Remove the gold jewelry before cleaning; 3) Remove the gold ornaments when swimming, so as to avoid chemical reaction on the surface layer after encountering seawater and pool water; Wrap it in a velvet cloth and put it in the jewelry box to avoid rubbing and rubbing against each other; 5 The gold texture is soft, don’t pull it easily, avoid deformation; 6 pure gold jewelry will appear white spots when it meets silver water, just take it under alcohol to clean it which will be able to restore the original color. If you are afraid of destroying the quality of your jewelry, go to a professional jewelry care store for after-sales service.