What Disposable Vape Flavors Should You Choose in 2023?

Old is gold, but something new is even better than gold. This goes completely true for vapes. Vape lovers can feel how long the vape industry has come since cigarettes. People were addicted to smoking for the hit that it provides.

All was good, but there was a downside to smoking. The downside was the carcinogens causing cancer. To solve this issue, there were alternatives like hookah. However, the new age, fast-paced life needed something that could be conveniently carried around.

Thus, vapes came into existence. The biggest innovation is the Disposable vape. They are even more popular because of the range of flavors you get while getting a hit like cigarettes.

Top 7 Disposable Vape Flavours You Should Try In 2023

Flavors are the primary reason people have shifted their preference to vapes from other options like cigarettes. So, below are the 7 amazing and unique vape flavors that will enhance your vaping experience greatly.

Icy Mint: Mints are the most popular taste that vape lovers are fond of. And Icy Mint by Esco Bar Flavors provides exactly that. There is a blast of freshness that you can just miss with the Icy Mint flavor. With that, you can experience the coolness of ice.

It is a perfect combination for people who want some beachy vibes.

Red Mojito: Red Mojito is a flavor that feels fresh, just like a lemonade when you take the draw. The freshness of the mojito and the sweet flavor gives a very pleasant and happy aftertaste. This flavor is by Elf Bar and is one of their best flavors.

Just like a Mojito, you can taste hints of mint and lemon with cranberries.

Watermelon Ice: Another great flavor from Elf Bar is the Watermelon Ice. The name itself oozes out the cool and refreshing taste. The flavor has hints of bubblegum and watermelon, which feels cool as ice when you take the draw.

The feel of the flavor is very smooth, given the concentration of the flavor is kept as the sweetness from the watermelon.

Jungle Juice: A cocktail of all the prominent flavors from various fruits can be found in this vape flavor. Esco Bar has done a very good job with this super refreshing vape juice that also has a very cooling sensation and a nice aftertaste.

Every taste in his flavor is within the most proper limits. Nothing is too overpowering.

Strawberry Mango: Strawberry Mango is one of the best flavors on Elf Bar BC5000 review. The combination of the ever-so-sweet mango and the sweet-sour taste of strawberry gives a very rich flavor to the whole vape juice. It tantalizes your senses while being sweet.

An experience you need to try.

Blueberry Ambrosia: Two very prominent fruit flavors are brought together by Esco Bar in this gem of a flavor. You will find the sweetness of blueberries and the crispness of apples in this flavor. The main ones that you will notice in these flavors are soft sweet tones.

Towards the end of your draw, you will also notice a nice honey flavor.

Tobacco: Elf Bar has some of the most amazing flavors. Their classic tobacco flavor is a super hit as it transports you back to the good old days. This flavor will give you the original tobacco flavor with the strong hit for which people choose smoking.

So you get the goodness of smoking without harmful carcinogens.


The flavor is the primary thing that a vape lover will check before making a purchase. Every flavor has an audience of its own. However, some flavors are so good that everyone likes them. Above were some of the best-selling vape flavors in the market.