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What Do The Best Medical Alert Systems Have in Common?  

The medical alert industry has evolved over the past few years and you can now find a system that monitors your vitals as well as detects a fall. If you’ve explored the medical alert industry, you’ve likely given some thought to what is most important to you or your loved one in a device that could one day save your life.

For example, do you need voice-activated dialing? Do you want it to be waterproof? Will the button work by both touch and pressure? What about the price tag? Is there a “right” price? Are there certain features that the device must-have for you to feel safe living alone?

The above questions are just differentiating factors between medical alert systems you can currently purchase. While there are many options, companies are starting to emerge with similar products that care for key concerns for their customers.

For example, if one company offers waterproof components but another does not, this could be a deal-breaker. But what are some of the qualities that all reputable medical alert companies have in common?

Reputable & Experienced Company. The Best Medical Alert Systems are made by companies that have been around for at least five years, have an A+ rating, and offer a warranty on their devices.

The best companies offer top-notch customer service, fast response times during an emergency, and have various systems that will meet the needs of different individuals.

Fast Response Time and Emergency Dispatch. When an accident occurs, and someone presses their medical alert button, you want a fast response time, and this is why all reputable medical alert companies have this in common.

One of the best ways to reduce your response time is to have your medical alert system monitored by EMS professionals who will contact the correct emergency response agency in your area.

However, this feature does come at an additional cost. So, if you want quick assistance but don’t want to pay for EMS dispatch, look for companies that offer self-dispatch, which allows users to press a button and speak with a customer service representative who will contact the authorities for you.

Waterproof & Durable Buttons. How many times have you pressed your remote or buttons on your medical alert device only to find out that water has entered the battery compartment?

This is why most reputable companies offer waterproof devices that can be worn in the shower, pool, or even while you’re doing dishes.

Easy to Use Devices for seniors. The last thing you want is for your loved one to have difficulty using their medical alert device. So, it is essential to choose one with features like big buttons and easy-to-understand instructions.

For example, many of the Best Medical Alert Systems have tone or vibration modes to help those with hearing impairments or low vision.

An Inexpensive Device That Works. Many seniors don’t want to spend a lot of money on a medical alert system but still deserve high-quality equipment and service. Reputable companies offer different types of devices, but all are priced affordably.

For example, a company may offer a waterproof device with GPS capabilities starting at only $29/month, while another has voice-activated medical alerts starting at only $35/month.

Long Term Contracts. Many seniors don’t want to worry about reordering new equipment or canceling their medical alert service when they no longer need it. This is why all reputable companies offer long-term contracts that allow customers to cancel anytime with just a 30-day notice.

Excellent Customer Service. If you’re looking into purchasing a medical alert system and want to get your questions answered right away, you want to choose a company that offers excellent customer service.

These companies offer fast response times and low monthly rates and have representatives available 24/7 for any of your needs.

Personalized Equipment and Services. Last but not least are the services offered by each reputable company that will help provide the care you need in a medical emergency. For example, one company can offer GPS tracking and services for seniors who live alone.

In contrast, another may offer fall detection technology that can alert family members if their loved one falls out of bed during the night.

Although each company is unique with its equipment and services, they all have features in common that make them reputable and reliable medical alert companies.

The right medical alert system will make your senior loved one feel the peace of mind that they can call for help and get it quickly. Seniors also want to maintain their independence to stay away from assisted living facilities and nursing homes.