What is a brand and why is it important

There are a lot of marketing terms that are understood by many people only in general terms, and when it comes to specifics, it turns out that the essence escapes them. Often the concepts of trademark, brand, and even logo are used as synonyms, but they are not.

  • A brand is the creation of an associative series with a consumer. And this makes the brand recognizable and more meaningful.
  • A trademark is a brand, a sign and a graphic image that allows a company to stand out in the market.

Any brand is a trademark, but every trademark is not a brand, and may not even have the potential to become it. The trademark becomes a brand only when it becomes familiar to the consumer and has its own market share.

Consequently, the word brand is a name that is well remembered by consumers. Moreover, No one doubts the positive qualities of the goods and services sold by well-known brands. It helps any advertising campaign make a profit due to the recognition of the brand name and the product they are selling.

All successful brands have common features. Upon hearing the product description, consumers immediately recall a specific brand product, for example, “baby diapers” = “Pampers,” “anti-dandruff shampoo,” = “Head & Shoulders.” The concept of the brand includes a complex: reputation, corporate style, logo, slogan.


Branding is usually understood as a new advertising campaign designed to increase the popularity and recognition of the product, also to form a positive attitude of consumers.

Rebranding is a planned brand change. Usually, at the same time, changes are made in the corporate identity, and in the characteristics of the product.

Experts say that without a working brand, it is impossible to increase sales, and this provided that the consumer qualities of the product are fully consistent with the advertising company. Inexpressive in the quality product will not be re-purchased with any advertising.

Creating a trademark is the business of the marketing division of the campaign. Often it is assigned to a branding agency.


A manufacturer with a recognizable trademark has several advantages over competitors:

more stable market position in times of economic instability;

saving on the duration of advertising campaigns when releasing new products under the same brand;

an increase in the number of loyal customers willing to pay more for their favorite products than for goods that even have a lower cost.

Brand features and requirements

Brand-specific products are subject to special requirements. The main, of course, is the conformity of the product with the stated requirements, its good quality. Besides, branded products must have stable markets and be supported by marketing support.

A brand is the individual characteristics of a campaign and its products. Graphic methods like a trademark and logo are used to express such features.

Each brand has its own target audience. Thus, in this case, it is a specific product, not a producer campaign. And each new or modified product released by the campaign will not automatically become a brand. However, it will be easier for it to advance on the market than products with a lesser-known manufacturer.

In a competitive environment, branding can be considered an “anchor” that prevents the consumer from leaving.

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So, what exactly do branding agencies?

As we can see in the example above, branding agencies create, optimize and help ambitious brands focus and thrive. The role of a branding agency is to create, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion. A good branding agency is typically not only branding experts but also great at marketing and product or website design.