What is a Peppol Access Point

For many people who own the ERP software, there’s a chance to come across the Peppol go e-invoicing solutions. The set of standards has proven to be effective in simplifying the e-procurement that takes place across the borders. It does not matter if your recipient has different ERP or accounting or customer software. As long as you and the relevant parties are within the same network, the transfer will be successful, without any problem to worry about.

But to simplify the electronic trading and other procurement, your company needs to connect to a reliable Peppol Access Point to join the network. How can you do that? Before answering this question, we’d like to have common grounds first about PEPPOL.

PEPPOL explained briefly

PEPPOL is a collection of standards for electronic document sharing, with documentation as well. Both buyers and suppliers use the PEPPOL network to share papers.

PEPPOL aims to save money while increasing visibility and controls in procurement and finance as part of the healthcare project of each nation that adopts the standards.

To simplify the transmission of common documents like orders and invoices, PEPPOL allows consumers and suppliers to interact without engagement by the user.

Connecting buyers and suppliers, PEPPOL aids the process. When the client and supplier Access Points (APS) connect, electronic purchase papers are sent and received.

By doing this, the governments and suppliers may make transactions with any PEPPOL provider. In addition, all public and private sector buyers affiliated with PEPPOL are covered by a supplier.

In this case, there will be a lot of parties involved in the network. There will be a lot of transactions done through the particular network. But those are in one link.

How does it work?

Peppol go has been the new standard of the public bodies across the world to trade electronically. We mentioned back then about the e-invoices. But that is not the only electronic procurement that is taking place within the network. There are others as well such as memos, shipment, orders, and so on.

Effective five years ago, it has been significantly altering the ways public and private entities conduct their cross-border business.

With hundreds of organizations and entities connected and transacting with thousands of suppliers, the Peppol network can simplify all of the document exchanges.

These businesses or groups must connect to the Peppol Access Point. In this matter, there are plenty of providers out there. You will find a lot of the providers who claim to be the best Peppol Access Point, providers. However, they are not equal.

Galaxy GW can make a great choice for the companies who want to adopt the Peppol services into their solutions.  Galaxy GW has offered the services to dozens of organizations, with a reliable network of suppliers who exchange the documents in significant ways on a monthly basis.

Galaxy GW is one of the leading Peppol Access Point providers in the world. They provide the bridge for the clients and suppliers to connect and exchange the documents and procurement files. Reach out to the company for further information.

Now, let’s see what exactly the Peppol access point is.

Peppol Access point explained

PEPPOL is a cross-border communication standard for public sector enterprises throughout Europe. A PEPPOL access point links your company to the PEPPOL network, allowing you to send and receive documents through the Internet.

To join the Peppol network, you will need to connect to a high-quality Peppol Access Point provided by the Galaxy GW. Once connected to a certain AP, you can rest assured that your company is within the right network. From that moment, you can use your ERP software to create and send the procurement files to your business partner or government body.

Galaxy GW eliminates manual entry by gathering client orders and transferring them directly into your sales order processing program.

Sending and receiving electronic invoices with Galaxy GW is simple and quick. The most common approach for suppliers to help us is to provide us with a PDF text file with instructions on how to configure and utilize their e-invoicing software.

Services which Galaxy GW Offer

As mentioned in their objective, Galaxy GW provides your business with direct access to the Peppol network where your business can interact with the other partners who are also joining the same networks.

There’s a chance that your business is conducting business with the government bodies on e-delivery networks. You can save time and money with the quick solutions offered by Galaxy GW. Let the professionals in this software company handle the integration.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when using the particular Peppol Access Point providers for the Peppol e-invoicing.

Decreased expenses: Even though the cost of a PDF invoice is far less expensive than the cost of a paper invoice, the cost difference between the two is around $20 on average.

Therefore, there is no need to focus on the PDF invoices anymore since everything is simplified with the Peppol frameworks.

Time management is improved, and mistakes are reduced: The adoption of E-Invoicing standards and the implementation of an automated method result in a reduction in the number of erroneous or missing invoices while simultaneously reducing the amount of human processing.

Thanks to automation, the process can be finished much quicker than before.

Consistently Reliable and Safe: A safer and more secure channel than email is utilized in the e-invoicing network. Receipts are transmitted directly to your financial system by way of participants on the network who have been authorized and validated. Among the validations performed by the standard check for the legitimacy of company numbers, which helps to keep fraudulent accounts at bay.

Since everything is conducted in a safe network, it can improve the productivity of both parties.

Payment processing times have been shortened

Most governments make an effort to ensure that 10-day payment periods are available for all invoices in order to encourage the use of electronic invoicing. In some countries like Australia, the 5-day payment periods are also visible. This lock can be helpful for companies who need to have a constant money flow on a monthly basis.

Improve your business networks

Make new contacts and share your knowledge with others to further your career.

Companies that have PEPPOL connections can conduct business with partners that have comparable business practices, independent of the software that they use to conduct their operations.

Sourced in a sustainable manner

For the environment, the lower the amount of energy used, the better. As paper needs are decreased significantly, it will also save the greenhouses on earth.