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Android is an open source operating system controlled by Google. The most use of android is seen on mobile phones. However, its use and popularity has increased so much that it is no longer limited to just mobile phones. Now almost every smart device, from watch to TV, is based on this operating system.

Android is fast becoming the place for TV technology. Now people do not wait for the TV broadcast; everyone has his own choice and surely Internet is one of the biggest place to find the relevant contents. For the advanced of the technology, older TV gets powerful technology like HD, Full HD and 4K. Now, these TV becomes so smart and can can be connected to Internet through LAN / Wi-Fi.

However, if you already have purchased a regular TV but wants to get all the features of a smart TV what you should do now. Wait!! Don’t just throw it away; there is an option and definitely it will save you money. This is called the Smart TV Box and you can get the best smart TV Box here at lowest price or you can Google it.

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is a device for running the Android operating system on normal TVs. As it is used on ordinary TV, the TV will no longer function on its own, which will do everything in the direction of this box.

Android TV Box Requirements

If you are using a normal TV, then Android TV Box may be a very important device for you as you will get to explore the complete Smart TV through it. If you have a normal LED TV that supports USB port then you will be able to use the android TV box. There are various types of android TV box in the market. The price of smart TV is very high (approx. $500) but the price of smart Android TV box is relatively low.

Use of Android TV Box

Using the Android TV Box on Normal HD TV will allow you to run the Android operating system on your TV and install the necessary software. You can also browse the Internet through your TV. You can easily run sites like Facebook, YouTube and so on. Also, as the TV screen grows, you will find the satisfaction of playing full games. These are the reasons why you can use Android TV Box.

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