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What is cold email and how to write it properly?

With the evolution of the marketing approaches, new tricks are developing as well. In the past, there was cold calling and today we have cold emailing.

Cold emailing is obvious why the second method of acquiring new customers is more beneficial. The main task here is to plan your campaign and the message wisely. And today team of outreach automation service Remail will provide you with recommendations on this point.

What is cold emailing?

As it was said, it has the same principle as cold call in the past. It means that you are reaching the person without any previous contacts. The receiver likely does not know about you and your business. So the purpose of your outreach is to level up the receiver’s awareness of your brand and product, and if your offer is interesting to the person, get a new customer.

It is not about getting a random email address and start sending letters to it. Your base must contain your target audience. Despite the fact that this is your first touch with the potential client, your message must be personalized. So let’s move to some tips that can help you to write proper outreach emails.

Tips for writing cold emails

The common approach among beginners in the email marketing is to find some templates, fill in the personalization lines like name, company and similar, and start delivering such emails to the people from their database. But this is not enough to create a proper message for the outreach. Here are some tips that can help you to understand how to work on your cold email:

  • define the image of your perfect receiver, collect the email list according to them and write the message using their language and pain points;
  • use attractive subject lines for cold emails, but avoid the cheap tricks;
  • make the content meaningful in order to get the response from the receiver;
  • use one CTA (call to action) in your email in order not to confuse the reader in defining the purpose of your letter;
  • write short text or if you need to provide larger one, make it easy-readable:
  • design the informative signature as it can be an additional marketing channel;
  • make sure that the content of your email is mobile friendly as most of the letters are being checked from the mobile devices;
  • make every message look like it was sent from the person to another person;
  • check the content of your email by reading it out loud.

You will be amazed how helpful these recommendations can be. Unfortunately, marketers often ignore most of them so do not be like those people and define your smart approach.

How to make your email campaign even more effective?

One of the “helpers” in the cold emailing is Remail. It is wise to use the help of such services to save your time and to implement the automation that is vital for any online marketing process today. So what is special in this service and how it can improve your campaign results?

Firstly, as it was already mentioned, automation can save you up to 10 hours per week for other important deals and appointments. You launch your campaign in less than 10 minutes and you are free. Secondly, every outreach message will be personalized as it is important to get interested every receiver. And thirdly, you will be able to learn more about cold emailing approaches in the Remail blog.

One more useful feature is the availability of the pre-made templates. You can find the examples of the effective letters and adjust them to your marketing purposes. Also, there are tools for creating your own templates for further campaigns.

So think of improving your online marketing activity with the available tools like this one. And do not forget to implement the given tips in your practice.