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What Is Content Audit and How It Is Useful in Content Marketing?

Due to multiple complicated processes, it becomes difficult to understand the content’s structure and quality. A content audit is the only way that helps you in doing do. It not only helps in developing a content strategy but also to manage the quality of content and prepare it for migration. After a successful audit, you get to know the information, how it is impacting on the growth of your business. This information ultimately helps you in the future marketing strategy.

What is a content audit?

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The process in which all the content in a website, is reviewed systematically is known as a content audit. To be more specific, it is the process of evaluating the effectiveness and quality of your company’s content that has been created for a particular purpose within a multiple content medium. The process helps you to have a close look at the optimization efforts so that you can measure how well you are fulfilling your business objectives. If the process is correctly done, you will be able to identify the gaps in your content and make the necessary adjustments to serve the audience better. This will not only allow you to mature your content but also the digital strategy so that your company can meet the needs of the audience more efficiently and serve them with the necessities. Multiple online mediums often restrict these, but the fact is that these are still useful across all mediums.

What is the purpose of a content audit?

The process is considered to be a valuable tool that helps the website owners to have a better knowledge about the material they have on their website. The owners also get to know how to improve the efforts to match the needs of the modern audience. The purposes are:

  1. It helps to catalogue the company’s content so that it can be updated, repurposed and resurrected if needed. You also get insights into, how well your content is aligning with the needs of the audience. And if there are any gaps or not that needs to be filled.
  2. The evaluation helps you to determine which unimportant contents need to be eliminated, and which important contents need to be kept. You will also be able to detect the effective content tactics so that you can incorporate them in future planning.
  3. The repurposing process can be tracked down to ensure the adequacy of the process so that it becomes easier to update the content over time.

How Content Audit helps in Content Marketing?

It plays a huge role in constructing a content matrix by providing the necessities to the inventory catalogue. It also provides all the necessary metrics so that it becomes easy to determine which of the content pieces are correspond to particular stages in the process of go to market. A content audit needs to be performed alongside a matrix to make sure that the focus, audiences and metrics that are evaluated are optimal. Through the journey of a buyer, content plays an important role in working with the prospects. Without a content matrix, it is nearly impossible to track as the prospects can vary drastically. The fact is that it cannot uncover the missing pieces of the content strategy. An up-to-date content matrix fulfils this purpose.


To perform successful audits, you need to create a through the list of the available content, do the necessary researches, check how well your content aligns with the various business functions, make sure your website is properly organized and determine the missing contents. In the end, you must be able to determine your weaknesses carefully and plan out the steps that you need to perform to give a boost to your overall performance.

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