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What is Flexible working?

Whenever the word “flexible” comes up and you’re being asked what it means, our default thought would be to bend – if that wasn’t true for you, at least mine is.

When we talk about someone or something being Flexible, it could mean… being able to cope with change, ability to move freely, to bend easily without breaking, to be easily modified, adaptable, adjustable, acceptable, or agreeable. Hence, Flexibility can mean different things when used in different contexts.

Now, the part y’all be waiting for!

Flexible working is a working arrangement specifically done to complement an individual’s preference or personal needs other than the customary way. Therefore, if you are planning on building a custom home, the first quality you should be looking out for in a labour hire is what? – Flexible working! (You’re correct).

Why is Flexible working Important when Choosing a Builder?

Think of it this way. Employees value their flexible working hours since it allows them to have control over their time and work more productively. This is the same way you need to value a builder who can adjust easily to your request.

For instance – You find a reputable company whose style you fancy, but still want to make little changes – have your idea be incorporated. It’s important to choose a builder who provides custom homes as part of their business. A flexible builder should adjust their plan to fit your ideas with no issue.

On the flip side, if you decide to overlook the flexible working plan of a company, your ideas wouldn’t only be discarded, Also, your dream home won’t be realized – make a pick! (I’ll pick the first for you).

So, in Building and Construction, a flexible builder is one criterion you should pay heed to.

Other Factors/Reasons where Flexible working is a Valuable Feature in Home Building

Change in finish time

In building, it is relatively difficult to predict a firm finish date.

Builders usually estimate a certain period for a particular project.  Nevertheless, if an unpredicted situation presents itself and you need to move in earlier than expected. With a flexible plan, you can easily discuss your new development with your builder and have them work towards the new finish time.


Another situation where you will appreciate the quality of a flexible builder is during bad working conditions like … weather.

Builders are well adjusted to working in poor conditions such as light rain. On the contrary, extreme weather can disrupt a day or weeks’ work, causing delays to a project.

Most times, heavy rainfall can impact damage on works, with excavation collapsing. Bad storms and high winds can impact the installation of exterior finishes (e.g., roofing). – Effects of weather on construction.

While rainfall, bad storms, and high winds can cause series of setbacks, excessively hot and dry weather can present more unfavorable working conditions.

Not to worry… a good building company can lessen some of the weather-related issues.

Custom design

Custom design ideas for your door, cabinetry, and flooring are welcomed, a flexible contractor can twerk your folder of ideas to a much better design.

A contractor’s suggestion to your idea is very important, they will help you choose floor plans that align with your design idea and must-haves.

Therefore, keep your ideas for your customized home open and flexible.