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What is Kendra Wilkinson’s net worth?

Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage is officially over.

The former Playboy playmate confirmed the news in a tearful Instagram video posted on Monday, saying: ’10 years. I did everything I could. It wasn’t good enough. 

‘I will always love him. My heart will always remain open for him. I believed in forever I really did. Guess it’s just not meant to be. I’m so scared but I have to get strong for my kids. I will.’

Kendra Wilkinson has confirmed her split from husband Hank Baskett, whom she’s been with for about a decade 

Kendra, 32, then sent a heartfelt message to all who have had her back during this difficult time.

‘Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me at the moment. Every little ounce of love helps. Thank you.’

What do you need to know about Kendra Wilkinson and what is her net worth? Here’s the scoop.

Who is Kendra Wilkinson?

Kendra Leigh Wilkinson was born on June 12, 1985 in San Diego, California. Her parents, Patti and Eric Wilkinson, married in 1983 and divorced 11 years later, in 1994.

After leaving high school, Kendra began a career as a model. In 2004, she was introduced to Hugh Hefner at his birthday party. Not long after they met, she was asked to be one of his girlfriends and live in the Playboy mansion.

Kendra spoke about her relationship with the Playboy Magazine founder while competing on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Asked whether she was ‘obligated to sleep with him’ or not, Kendra said: ‘I moved in, and weeks went by, and I didn’t know “sex” was involved…because I knew nothing about Playboy — I had just graduated high school.

‘It’s just like, “Do you want to come upstairs?” And it’s like, “Sure, let’s have fun.”‘

She added: ‘He really looks at them as relationships, as real relationships.’ 

Her relationship with Hugh, who died September 27, 2017, and the other women dating him was chronicled in a reality series called The Girls Next Door.

Kendra left the Playboy mansion in 2009 after meeting Hank Baskett. E! gave her a spin-off reality show called Kendra, which focused on her living outside the mansion and planning her wedding.

The couple married in June 2009 at the Playboy Mansion. That same month, Kendra announced that she and her beau were expecting their first child together. 

Kendra has gone on to write a book, called Sliding Into Home, she’s competed on Dancing With the Stars, starred on a WE tv series called Kendra On Top, appeared on Marriage Bootcamp and Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition and so much more.

Kendra Wilkinson net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kendra Wilkinson’s net worth is $6 million (£4.2 million).

How did Kendra Wilkinson make her money? 

Kendra has made the majority of her money from modeling and reality TV. She’s competed on shows, like Dancing With the Stars and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and starred in shows of her own. She first appeared on the Girls Next Door spin-off, Kendra, on E!

In 2012, she landed a series called Kendra on Top, which aired on WE TV.

Kendra has also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp and Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. 

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett break up

Kendra Wilkinson announced the official end of her marriage to Hank Baskett on Monday, April 2, 2018. She did so in an Instagram video, in which she spoke to followers through tears.

This isn’t the first time their marriage has been in trouble. In 2014, after learning that Hank Baskett had an affair with model Ava Sabrina London, Kendra allegedly flushed her wedding rings down the toilet. 

Hank admitted to his infidelity in July 2015, telling People: ‘I messed up. I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.’ 

It was alleged that he met a transgender couple in a grocery store parking lot where he was looking for marijuana. One of the people he met gave him a phone number to call.

He dialed the number and was given an address. When he arrived at the home, he used the restroom only to come out and find the transgender woman who answered the door kissing another transgender woman. 

‘I froze,’ he said at the time.

Hank claimed he was fondled by the woman whom he met at the entrance to the home.

‘I didn’t engaged in anything,’ he said. ‘It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.’ 

A source told Us Weekly Kendra ‘flipped out’ when she found out, throwing their wedding photos in the pool and flushing her wedding ring. 

After resolving their problems, Kendra was seen wearing a new wedding ring featuring a massive yellow diamond.

Speaking with Us on her decision to forgive her husband she said: ‘All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank. And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunate things took place. He’s very gullible and naive.’ 

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett kids 

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have two children. The pair welcomed their first child, a boy, on December 11, 2009. He’s called Hank Baskett IV.

Kendra was pregnant with their second child, a girl they named Alijah Mary Baskett, when her husband cheated on her. The child, now 3 years old, was born May 16, 2014. 

Hank Baskett net worth 2018

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hank Baskett’s net worth is $3.5 million (£2.4m).