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What is Live Screen Printing and How It Can Help Your Business?

Live screen printing is something that has gone up in popularity in recent times. A lot of events and concerts utilise this method of screen printing as a way of selling their merchandise. Seeing an artist print their favourite pictures on a canvas or a t-shirt is mesmerising to people. It can help a business in many ways about which we are going to tell you through this post. However, let us first tell you more about how screen-printing works.

About Live Screen Printing  

Screen printing has been around for years already, and it is surprising that people do not know as much about it as they should. This ancient form of printing is said to come from China, which later found its way in Europe, where it was done with the help of machines. It is known by many names like silk-screen printing and serigraphy, but it is dominantly referred to as Screen Printing. Now, although screen printing is big in art circles, it is used commercially for selected purposes only, but highly appreciated by art lovers. The results with screen printing are beautiful, which is why many businesses choose live screen printing for various purposes.

The method with which screen printing is done involves some unavoidable techniques, but it is worth learning and being aware of. Generally, the screen used in the previous times were mostly silk, but now many kinds of materials are used for it. The screen is put over a stencil of the desired shape that is in-turn placed over the fabric or canvas on which printing is to be done. Paint is then carefully spread over the screen which leaves the imprint of stencil over the material.

How Can Live Screen Printing Help Your Business?

You might wonder how art can aid your company, but even top businesses utilise this method to get their business noticed among the customers. Here’s how you can use live screen printing for your business.

  • Attraction for Events

Every company comes up with different events for their product launch. With the help of live screen printing during these events, companies can attract many eyes which is what every new brand wants. People are usually not aware of this kind of printing, and when they see it happening in such events, it becomes the main attraction.

  • Merchandise for Patrons

A lot of YouTube creators and social media influencers resort to selling merchandise to their patrons when arranging fan meetups. Such meetup events can be financially fruitful for the creators as they receive large crowds that can be the potential buyers of their merchandise. These merchandises include t-shirts, wrist bands, and various other products which can have messages for the buyers printed live for them.

  • Customisation for Participants

Many concert organisers also keep stalls of live screen printing for the shows they conduct. These stalls offer customised prints on different products for the people buying them. It can lead to many sales of such products and add profit to the organiser’s column. People love to have their desired designs and words printed on t-shirts, which can help in selling them and filling up the event slots.

  • Promotion of a Brand

Live screen printing on different fabrics is also one way in which brands promote themselves. Giving away wearables with their names and trademarks printed on them works as an advertisement and help a company build its name. It is primarily a wise move for startups to resort to such tactics of promotion, as people love giveaways and in-turn spread the good words about the company.

  • Sell Live Screen-Printing Art

Live Screen Printing itself can serve as a stand-alone business. Screen printing can produce some great art for which customers pay even large amounts. If you deal in selling artworks, then live-screen printing can boost the sales of such creativity that you offer. Brochures printing services, woodcut, and engraving are also appreciated forms of art that you can add to your selling profile. Photo printing is also a form of screen-printing which you can use as a product that you can sell.

Live screen-printing is indeed a fantastic style of producing paintings, merchandise, and a whole lot of impressive art. Its combination with your business can help it immensely in doing well. So, why not find screen printing artists for your business today?

Author: Ayush Chawla
Ayush Chawla is a tech geek and a digital marketer. Check out his blog here.

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