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What is mental health? 4 major causes behind mental illness

Mental health has a bundle of definitions depending on the cases and diagnosis. But the most basic definition of mental health is being stable and healthy in all conditions is called mental health.

Nowadays, every third person is suffering from mental disturbance and relative issues. We cannot determine the causes but there could be some reasons which are noticed by experts. So let’s discuss them one by one;

Child abusing

Mostly at a very early age, we all get abused by our friends or family members. Some of us with strong nerves get over it and some with inner weakness feel mentally disturbed. Child abusing is the second most reported case in mental illness.

Thus we should stop it and take some strong steps against child abuse.

Social Isolation

The second reported reason behind mental illness is social isolation. If someone has fully separated himself from friends group and being social, he or she may get mentally disturbed and get ill. As humans are social animals, they cannot live in isolation and loneliness.

Also as a parent, you shouldn’t bind your children from sitting and playing with their friends and age fellows.


Bereavement is a disease named for a group of reasons. The basic reason behind bereavement is dying or losing someone nearer to us. It is the world’s largest cause of suicides. People with weak nerves cannot get over it and then commit suicide.

In this case, we shouldn’t leave that person alone. Also, you can use kratom for mood swinging. You can buy kratom bulk from any store nearer to you as kratom has mood-changing ability without any harmful effects.

Feeling being lesser

Feeling being lesser is an issue that we can all notice in people around us. They assume that they are less than someone. In this condition, they think again and again and make themselves stressed.

In this condition, inner motivation is the best solution. You should never compare yourself with anyone else. Every person has individuality and uniqueness. Thus believe in yourself and stop assuming yourself being lesser.