What is More Addictive: Gambling or Sports Betting?

According to the 2020 Gambling Commission Survey, 21% of respondents play online casino games. While those engaged in betting activities amount to 10%. Considering these stats alone, we may say that online gambling is more addictive than sports betting. Also, according to statistics, most of the traffic goes to the giants in 1xbet. But can we rely on one research only? Let’s try to get this whole thing straight.

Online gambling vs sports betting: Behavior

According to Statista, Europe is home to the largest online gambling market with a revenue of 22.4 billion dollars. However, experts predict that it will hit 37 billion dollars by 2023 . Europe is closely followed by Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.

Other impressive stats relate to sports betting. The study shows that this sector accounts for nearly 30-40% of the global gambling market. Currently, its value stands at 46 billion dollars. The rest of the market is covered by lotteries, casinos and other gambling activities. Hence, online gambling holds the leading position presently. However, HolmesReport states that sports betting is meant to grow further and become a more sizable sector. In the USA alone, over 12 billion dollars were spent on sports bets from June 2018 to October 2019.

With all those figures in mind, we can now admit that sports betting is becoming as addictive as online gambling. But why is it so? Why do people around the world get hooked on such activities?

Why people become easily addicted to gambling

Both online casino games and sports betting are popular entertainment activities. Due to their compelling nature and the thrill of winning, they may easily cause gambling addiction. You may be wondering now, what exactly makes people addicted. So, here are a few factors:

  • Huge wins. Significant earnings from the very start can affect the player’s gambling behavior in a negative way. The newbie punter believes that it’s really easy to win and starts gambling more.
  • Online availability. Although many countries try to control gambling activities, people always find new ways to play casino games or bet on sports events. According to the study, the risks of becoming gambling-addicted are high when people can easily access gambling websites.
  • No control over money. Gamblers should control all their wins and losses without trying to recoup the money lost.
  • Mental tension. For some people, gambling is a way to escape from reality. It gives emotional freedom, but it also leads to gamblers losing track of time, as well as control over their actions.
  • Financial difficulties. Some people consider gambling as a means to solve their financial issues and change their life for the better.
  • There are opinions that individuals who were raised by gambling addicts may get addicted too.
  • Mental health. People with disorders and various addictions may be more vulnerable to gaming addiction.

In addition to all the above-mentioned factors, it is safe to say that casinos and sports betting venues also encourage excessive gambling. How so?

How gambling venues can turn you into an addict

Firstly, online casinos are open 24/7 — from dawn to dusk. You can freely access them from home, work, or any other location. Many modern casinos and betting websites are cross-platform. They are available as desktop and browser versions, as well as mobile apps. The only requirement for their smooth performance is a stable Internet connection. As for betting on sports, this form of entertainment is also easily accessible, though not 24/7. The thing is that you can bet only when a particular match or event takes place. But this doesn’t make it less appealing and addictive.

Thanks to the Internet, you are free to make digital payments anytime. However, with seamless access to the bank account, it’s easy to lose track of your money since the factor of luck at online casinos is 50/50. In sports betting, the odds increase or decrease depending on the course of a sports match.

Also, online casinos are known for large prizes, progressive jackpots, daily promotions, and bonuses. This is what attracts people to gaming websites. As for betting on sports, there are no perks available. Still, most people engage in it to get a feeling of excitement and triumph.

Moreover, some online websites operate in an unethical way. And it can be really tough to recognize them. Such websites encourage underage and problem gambling. Thus, problem gamblers may always feed their temptation of gambling at these websites.

So, what is more addictive after all?

We’ve tried to analyze which gambling activities are more addictive. According to the given data and various stats, online gambling prevails over sports betting. Still, online casinos and sports betting venues are captivating and addictive in their own ways. The fans of sports betting endure the same degree of compulsion as online gamblers. But the factors and circumstances leading to gambling addiction can vary.