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What is online casino streaming?

The online streaming industry is progressing very fast. Following the simplest video blogs and platforms for recording popular games such as Dota, CounterStrike, Minecraft, etc., appeared also online casino streamers.

Online casino streams became famous relatively recently, maybe two years ago, but some of them became famous not only for their big wins in slots, roulette, video poker but also for their free manner of communication with an abundance of obscene language.

The essence of online casino streaming is in demonstrating the game and in parallel interaction with the audience. This is a kind of stand-up mini-show where humour and resourcefulness are welcomed. The streamer spins slots according to his taste, sometimes at the request of viewers and reads the chat, jokes, answers questions.

A streamer who monotonously spins the slot during broadcasts is unlikely to be interesting to anyone. He must be able to grab attention, answer questions from viewers in the chat and maintain an appropriate atmosphere. And also play for real money.

Where streams are streamed The most popular streaming platforms are Twitch and YouTube. The number of personal channels, where the owners demonstrate the game in the casino in the first person, is growing every day.

For example, Twitch statistics claim that over 50 million users are interested in such broadcasts per month. A prerequisite is a viewer chat for subscribers, otherwise, the stream loses its charm.

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, videos are posted on all kinds of thematic sites.

Who watches streams?

The main audience of casino streamers is young people. Most play in the casino. Some do not risk going to real rates, they want to make sure personally that it is real to win.

Haters appear with malicious comments, but for online streams, this is the norm and even a prerequisite for success.

How online casino streamers make money?

Casino streamers, like the owners of poker channels, are interested in money. The profit is not limited to hundreds or thousands of dollars that fall out on video slots. There are other sources of income: casino advertising.

No streamer will gather hundreds of viewers while playing not requesting money from an online casino for it. It can be a fixed fee or an affiliate program.

Often, streamers work with affiliate programs of casinos in which they stream. It works like this, you follow the link from the stream description, register and play. 40-50% of your losses, the casino will pay streamers through the affiliate program. There is nothing wrong with not playing on streamer links, all the income would go only to the casino.


Voluntary donations are typical for any stream. Donates usually get only the most charismatic casino streamers, all the winnings are in plain sight, and viewers will rather spend money on their own game.

Visitors can be interested in promotions, contests, sweepstakes and other creatives.

Channel monetization

Conditions depend on the site. On the YouTube channel, the streamer can earn profit for views, clicks on links and other advertising manipulations that do not contradict the rules of the resource.

An analysis of the top channels (at least a thousand subscribers), where casino streams are broadcast, showed that the income for this article ranges from $ 15 to $ 1300 per month. Although this is not the limit, popular gamblers get 20 thousand views and even more.

But, casino streamers disdain to advertise, since the income from affiliate programs is hundreds and thousands of times higher than the income that could have come from YouTube monetization, and such advertising distracts players from the video itself and registration in the casino.

Not everyone can make high-quality streams at an online casino. Accordingly, not everyone is able to make money on this. But for many, it all started as a hobby, then the drive accumulated, the experience came, income grew. As a result, entertainment has become the main source of income.