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What is Root Canal Treatment and Is It Necessary to Put Teeth Crown after Root Canal?

Inside the teeth, there is a piece of soft tissue underneath the white enamel and dentin called the pulp. This tissue contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue that help to grow roots during tooth development. If the pulp is damaged and beyond its repair limit, it will be inflamed.

Some causes of pulp damage include:

  • Serious dental caries;
  • Broken teeth and pulp injury;
  • Excessive trauma during dental treatment;
  • Tooth concussion (even without obvious cracks).

Dental pulp inflammation can lead to blood vessel congestion inside the dental pulp, and if the pressure formed after congestion cannot be released, it will produce severe pain. When the degree of pulp damage reaches a severe level and still without treatment, it may lead to pulp necrosis, infection, and damage to the periodontal tissue, toothache, gingival pus, and other symptoms. The worst situation may be solved only by tooth extraction and replacing it with a dental prosthesis.

Here are symptoms indicating that you may need a root canal treatment:

  • Severe pain when chewing or biting;
  • Acne on the gums;
  • A broken or ruptured tooth;
  • The lingering sensitivity to heat or cold, even after the sensation is removed;
  • Swelling or softening of gums;
  • Deep decay or blackening of gums

In order to reduce the pain and prevent the teeth from infection and damage in the future, most dentists would recommend root canal treatment in the early stage of the above situation.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment refers to that the dentist first opens a small hole on the surface of the tooth to remove all damaged pulp with various digital dental solutions, and then disinfects the pulp cavity (including the pulp cavity wall) to remove all residual debris; finally, fillings such as gutta-percha will be used to seal the teeth.

Through root canal therapy, a powerful chewing ability, normal bite force, and feeling will achieve. Moreover, teeth will gain a natural appearance, and other teeth can be protected from excessive wear or strain.

However, root canal treatment is a kind of invasive treatment, which will damage the integrity of teeth, so it is necessary to strengthen the teeth after the operation. Crowns are considered the last step in many root canal treatments, but still, there are many people questioning their necessity. Studies have shown that the crown after a root canal can improve the survival rate of teeth to six times higher than that of teeth without a crown. That’s why many dentists recommend teeth crowns after root canal therapy.

What is a crown?

Crowns are the coverings wearing on teeth to restore the damaged or missing teeth to their normal shape, size, and function. Crowns can be made of metal alloy, ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused with metal or composite resin. Zirconia tooth crown is a unique dental restorative material provided by Aidite, which has super bending strength and becomes the first choice of a dental laboratory.

3 reasons for zirconia tooth crown after root canal treatment:

  • The tooth tissue after root canal treatment is so fragile that it is easy to break and split. It isn’t easy to ensure the normal function of the teeth and power the chewing if only the use of dental restorative materials. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a zirconia tooth crown to protect sensitive and fragile teeth after root canal therapy.
  • Some teeth will show gray or deep stains after root canal treatment, which seriously affects the appearance. Zirconia tooth crown can provide a more natural appearance and retain the healthiest color of teeth.
  • The risk of infection and contamination of the tooth surface after root canal therapy is high. Zirconia tooth crowns can protect teeth from infection by sealing fragile teeth.

Considering the overwhelming advantages of dental crowns, Aidite introduced digital dentistry and zirconia dental crowns in practice to maximize the accuracy and aesthetics of bionic teeth. Zirconia tooth crown from Aidite not only has a natural and pleasant aesthetic effect but also meets the needs of customized solutions in the dental laboratory. To learn more about Aidite’s zirconia tooth crown, visit their website.