What Is The Best Scrap Metal To Collect?

Manu people find information about scrap metal collection unbelievable, especially regarding the lucrativeness of the entire process.

You will find that Scrap Metal Pickup Hamilton is quite rewarding. However, to get the reward, you need to be informed and aware of the scrap metals that are worth picking and collecting. To ensure that you get top cash for your efforts, below are some of the most valuable scrap metal that you can collect.

The most valuable scrap metals that promise you high revenue

There are many valuable scrap metals to collect for revenue. Some of the best options for you include;


Copper remains one of the commonest metals available in and around the home. Copper is a major part of common home appliances and it is highly sought after by manufacturing companies for several reasons including its high conductivity properties. If you have a range of electrical appliances that are idle around the house, this may be a good source of income for you. The copper content of these appliances is valuable irrespective of whether the appliance is functional or not.

You can also explore old plumbing materials that you have around the home including copper plumbing pipes that are left from remodeling or home upgrades.


Brass is one of the most overlooked metals lying around in the home. Usually, people who have old items and ornaments around their home will have brass sculptures and more in abundance. If you have items in your home that you doubt its pure gold composition, chances are high that it is brass and if you wish to get rid of it, a better way to do this is by exchanging it for electronic payments if possible. Pay attention to the old items like candle stands, door handles, trophies, and others.


While many people see pawn shops and jewelry shops as the best places to take their silverware when in need of cash, you will be amazed at how much scrap metal buyers are willing to offer for those items. Be sure to explore your options when dealing with silverware as it could earn you a lot of cash in the right hands.


If you are a lover of soft drinks then you may be sitting on a potential money mine. Soft drink cans are made from aluminum sheets and these are valuable to scrap metal buyers. If you have access to a large number of soft drink cans or other aluminum items like old electric devices like gaming consoles, old computer systems, and more, you may be able to sell them for a good price based on the aluminum content

Stainless Steel

Stainless steels are common. From the cups to the plates, spoons, pots, and other household items. While steel is seen as common, this does not mean it is not valuable, although its value may be low compared to other metals. One thing remains constant, stainless steels can fetch you some money from scrap metal buyers.


Gold is valuable. The value of gold is ever increasing and this is why some people collect it as a store of value or as an investment. If you have a large stash of gold, whether in jewelry or raw form, rest assured that scrap metal buyers will offer great prices for it. If you aren’t already satisfied with the price quote that you have received from a jewelry store or a pawn shop, try speaking to a scrap metal buyer to see what offers you get.


Lead can be hard to lay hands-on, especially in its pure form. This metal is extremely profitable and can be expensive when sold to scrap metal buyers. If you come in contact with the pure form of lead, it is important that you take adequate safety measures to prevent environmental contamination. Please note that lead is highly toxic and should be handled with care.

Where You Can Find Scrap Metals

While scrap metals are profitable to sell, knowing where to get them is also important information that you should be aware of. Below are some of the common places you can get scrap metals.

  • – Construction and renovation sites – construction and renovation sites usually witness heavy excavation which may successfully reveal deposits of scrap metals.
  • – Local Businesses – visiting repair shops may prove rewarding as some of these repair shops deal in scrap metals that are discarded from appliances, equipment, and heavy machinery.
  • – Shooting range – visiting a shooting range can give you access to brass shells that are gathered in large numbers.

You can also visit areas like farms and ranches, dumpsters, hospitals, and medical facilities.