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What is the best way to prepare UPSC mains Syllabus?

When it comes to preparing for the UPSC exam syllabus, it is quite important to do the entire preparation sophisticatedly. The entire paper is quite lengthy. Therefore, it is important to get it done in a sophisticated period.

Have you been wondering how you can prepare for the UPSC Mains Syllabus? You are at the right place indeed. While preparing for the exam, you need to keep in mind the gap between prelims and mains. Talking about the prominent gap, it should be 2-3 months only.

It is quite important to cover 80% of the UPSC Mains Syllabus right before going for the Prelims. If you think that preparation for UPSC Mains is a stand-alone process then you are wrong a bit indeed. It needs to be mentioned that UPSC Mains is regarded as an ideal and descriptive exam.

You also require going with answer writing practice.

Specify The Entire Syllabus

It is quite important to mention that the UPSC mains syllabus is quite extensive, therefore it is important to keep the entire syllabus specific as much as possible. The easiest way to do it is to prepare a mind map of the syllabus going with a micro topics list indeed.

It would be better to download it and prepare your study plan as per that. When it comes to four general studies papers, the importance of the UPSC Mains GS Paper 1 Syllabus cannot be ignored indeed. It is indeed quite a subjective sort of paper carrying different subjects such as Culture, Art, Geography, History, and so on.

Understand The Questions In A Better Way

Make sure that you have understood the keywords mentioned in the questions before attempting the questions. You need to learn the way of writing the answer. If you are quite confused then you may also take help from online sources to understand it excellently.

Practicing the way of writing answers can truly help you a lot. You probably get your confidence at the peak indeed.

Practice Answer Writing Thing

The fact cannot be ignored that answer writing is the most important thing when it comes to UPSC mains preparation indeed. It would be better if you can go with Hindu editorials following your own words to lift the quality of your answer writing skills.

Apart from it, you should pay attention to solving previous year papers. It would be better if you go with toppers’ answer copies to understand how you frame your answer.

It is quite important to find your answer copies evaluated by your mentor if possible since it can give you important feedback to understand how you can improve your answer writing skills.

Revise Your Notes

Do not ignore the importance of revising your notes indeed. It is quite important to keep updating them regularly following current affairs. It is always indeed an ideal idea to get it linked with ongoing happenings in your answer to go with your opinions. It is time to check out the main explainers’ page to find detailed articles on the ongoing topics.

The content and presentation both would be playing a significant role in the context of answer writing. Moreover, the revision also helps in the context of maintaining an ideal grasp of the content. Therefore, you must keep revising your notes to find your answers.

Generally, most students get truly overwhelmed with several questions following the UPSC mains. Therefore, it is quite important to get along with the sophisticated pattern to manage the entire time effectively.

You should write enough mock tests. You should also analyze your performance discreetly. You should keep improving your answer writing skills as well.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the right way of preparing the syllabus so that you could have more benefits indeed.