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What is the easiest martial art to learn?

Anyone who wants to start training in martial arts in Perth should be wary of any style that claims to be “easy” to learn!

The most important lessons that a beginning martial arts student can learn from their training come not from mastering “easy” techniques but from learning to persevere and conquer the skills that are a challenge to master.

The secret to the success that martial arts training has in improving concentration, focus, self-discipline and respect lies in the gradual introduction of more complex and challenging techniques. With skilled and motivated instructors, such as those found at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, any student can eventually learn even the most complex of martial arts skills.

This is different from most other sports, where only the most skilled athletes are able to continue training and participating. While actual mastery of the martial arts may take a long time, eventually students will learn to appreciate the constant challenge to perfect their skills. This is a priceless life lesson that will stay with you for the rest of your life. At Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy the instructors will do everything possible to make sure you appreciate this lesson. At Premier Academy, no-one is left on the bench!

What is the most effective martial art?

How you train a martial art will determine its effectiveness. If your goal is to be effective in sporting competition, then your training must be geared towards this. If you are training for effective self-defence, then you must focus your training on dealing with the most common attacks that occur on the street. On top of this, traditional martial arts usually focus on one or two areas of combat. For example, Taekwondo is known for focusing on kicking techniques, Judo for throwing and grappling, Brazilian JiuJitsufor submission on the ground and so on. The most effective forms of martial arts in Perth focus on combining the best of several different martial arts to create a Freestyle or Mixed Martial Arts. In these schools, such as Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, students learn to combine the dynamic kicking skills of Taekwondo with Western Boxing, throws from Judo and submission from Brazilian JiuJitsu to create a truly Freestyle or mixed martial art.

What is a good martial art for beginners?

One of the most confusing decisions that Perth people who want to start training in the martial arts can be faced with is choosing the right school.  It can be a tough choice as there are huge amounts of schools in Perth all trying to get your attention, all of them declaring that their martial arts style is the best!

While there’s no single best martial art for beginners, here are six Perth martial arts that usually offer specialised classes for students just starting out in the martial arts.

Taekwondois a Korean art known for dynamic kicking and is often the first martial art parents will encounter in their search. As well as being an official Olympic sport, Taekwondo provides a great introduction to the martial arts for beginners, with traditional values combined with modern athletic techniques. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has dedicated Taekwondo classes for students of all ages, and separate Sports programs for those that want to compete in this exciting art.

Judo – the first eastern martial art included in the modern Olympic games, Japanese Judo focuses on throws and takedowns primarily, but also includes locks and submissions. It’s a great martial art to teach beginners to control their own body in order to control their opponent. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness incorporates many techniques and concepts from Judo into the Academy’s Freestyle Martial Arts curriculum.

Brazilian JiuJitsu, or BJJ, was developed in Brazil with an emphasis on ground techniques. BJJ is founded on the concept that a smaller person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent using technique, leverage and taking the fight to the ground. Mixed martial arts and Freestyle schools like Perth’s Premier Academy incorporate skills, techniques and concepts from BJJ into their training curriculums. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy also offers specialised BJJ classes for those students that want to further improve their skills in grappling.

Kickboxing is a modern martial art designed by blending traditional arts like taekwondo and karate with western-style boxing. It was designed to allow practitioners of different martial arts to compete against each other in the ring and as such focuses mainly on the sporting application of kicking and punching techniques. Kickboxing is usually quite straightforward to learn for beginners as it does not include the traditional aspects of the martial arts such as patterns / poomsae / kata, or self-defence training. Premier Academy teaches kickboxing skills as part of the sparring section of its Freestyle martial arts curriculum and also offers separate classes for those students that have the urge to compete in this dynamic art.

Boxing focuses entirely on attacking and defending using the hands. Most Boxing clubs offer boxing classes where beginners can learn the skills of boxing in a safe controlled environment. Like kickboxing, it is focused mainly on competing in the ring, and this might not suit every student. Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy uses the techniques, skills and concepts from Western Boxing as part of its dynamic Freestyle martial arts curriculum.

MMA and Freestyle Martial Arts blend the best of all the martial arts above into a system that allows students to strike using their hands, elbows, knees and feet, as well take their opponent to the ground to use locks and submissions to defeat them. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has combined the best elements of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Judo, Brazilian JiuJitsu and Boxing into a dynamic Freestyle mixed martial arts curriculum that specifically caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Learning Taekwondo or Judo or Brazilian JiuJitsu or any other martial art is not just about acquiring self defence skills—it’s also about learning focus, concentration, respect and self-discipline. Training in the martial arts is also a fantastic way to introduce physical fitness into your life. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is a great example of a martial arts school in Perth. Their purpose-built, full time martial arts training centre located in Clarkson (Perth, Western Australia) offers a clean, safe and inspiring environment for people of all ages. This state-of-the-art Perth martial arts training facility has been designed to enable their experienced instructors to deliver their Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum. There are classes that are suitable for students from all ages and walks of life. Premier Academy’s martial arts instructors are constantly training and refining their Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum to ensure that Perth martial arts students are always provided with the most progressive, effective and modern martial arts experience.

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