As listed among the most exciting study subjects, social sciences are the objective study of people and their interactions.

With many top universities offering social sciences degrees from bachelors to Ph.D., master in social work online is also a good option if you don’t have the time to join a university.

The scope of a subject usually refers to saying and doing something in a particular field. Social sciences have a wide range, and the scope of this subject is based on the following factors:


Every subcategory or subject under social sciences deals with a different area of study, work, and practice range. These sciences focus mainly on the observation of human behavior in the socio-cultural aspect. There is no experimentation involved. Some of the subcategories of social sciences include:


An economic dimension follows every culture, and it’s cultural issues. This subject teaches you how to analyze the state of business and trade in a country or a region. How a nation can multiply its income by focusing on its limited resources and support its people, is also decoded by economics.

Students with an Economics degree can make a career in economic research and business. On the other hand, students have also become consultants for big business companies.


Anthropology is the study of humanity with the goal of understanding our origin as a separate species. This study ranges from studying the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Biological Anthropology

In biological anthropology, students study about how humans revolutionized biologically. They use fossils for their observations to understand human evolution.

Socio-cultural Anthropology

Anthropologists in this field interpret the content of cultures, study the cultural change, and the process behind this change.

Socio-cultural anthropologists also note the different family systems, race, and class and gender inequity.

Anthropologists work in large corporations and organizations. They have to work in the field mostly, which includes desert, underwater archeological sites, school, and any site that has an excavation site.


Sociology equips an individual with all the necessary methods to deal with social milieu. It involves the study of human behavior in certain social and organizational setups.

Social experts can work as community developers, professors, consultants, therapists, program managers, and human resource managers.


The human mind or psyche and its complexities belong to this field of study. If you are fascinated with the human mind, then this is an excellent field to pursue.

Students gain reasoning and analytical skills during their bachelor’s and other higher degrees. There are specialization options in this field, and you can specialize in any of its branches.

Psychology students work as therapists in medical centers. They also play their role in forensic and investigative psychology.

Political Science

Government and politics are working as a force in society; that’s why students study in this field. They learn about countries that have a history of peace and those that are war-torn with consistent conflict. They also learn about democracy in society and economic equity.

If you are interested in learning about administration, public policy, politics, and international affairs, then this field is a suitable option.


There is a difference between criminalistics and criminology. Criminology is a branch of sociology. It deals with studying the effects of crime on society. Criminology has no direct use in crime investigations.

The main interest of criminology is the study of origins of criminal law, social reactions to crime, and the functioning of law enforcement agencies.


It is broad, vast, varied, and a very interesting choice of study, starting from the beginning of civilization to every nation’s self-liberation success and struggle event.

This subject has the capacity for research, teaching, public office jobs, archeology, cultural studies, and cultural development sectors.

Today history is studied by using scientific reasoning. A historian investigates past events and explains its significance.

The history extends from a local level to regional and reaches an international platform.

The rise and fall of empires come under the scope of history. Today historians are studying government law as well. They also take an interest in art and folklore.

Labor movements, class struggle, can also be found in history books.


Geo means earth, and geography is the study of earth and all the elements found on and under it. The rivers, lakes, mountains, hot springs, volcanoes, and deserts all join to form geography.

There are subcategories of geography, and each field offers specialization options.


Geographers who have the skills and specialization in making maps, charts, globes, and models.


Surveying is a different specialization subject which falls under geography. Mathematical observations are used in this field.

Urban and Regional Planning

Just like the architecture offers urban design and planning, geography offers urban and regional planning.

This is connected with planning, housing, and all the developmental projects.


Social sciences are the scientific study of man, and it is a generic term. It is more of a discipline of science that deals with human behavior.

Talking collectively about social sciences and the subcategories as mentioned earlier or the subjects which fall under the status of the social sciences offer professional degrees in all the top universities in the world.

Social sciences have a wide range of online courses and have professionals, experts of their subjects who teach these online classes.

In the practical world, there are many job opportunities available. As an educationist, therapist, or consultants and managers, they can operate in a very productive way.