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What it means to be sober after years of alcohol abuse?

Addiction is quite similar to any other debilitating disorder. There is no cure, but you can indeed manage it better with proper care and better self-control training. Rehab stints can and will help you get clean of the drug of choice or alcohol, but you need to remain aware that the issues of relapse can throw a spanner in the works. Alcohol deaddiction treatment is progressive, and only professional and expert therapy helps.

If you are at this crucial juncture where you are contemplating checking into a rehabilitation facility, then you need to take stock of the options out there. Rehab centers can be inpatient or outpatient, and the severity of the addiction usually determines the outcome and the mode of treatment. If you need immediate intervention following a long-standing alcohol addiction problem, then a quick internet search about Inpatient alcohol rehab in Arkansas will provide you with hundreds of hits.

However, you will need some help with making the right choice, and for that, you need to read on to know more.

About addiction

Addiction can result in death – due to overdoses, multiple organ failures, or seizures during the withdrawal period. However, with proper care and medications during a rehab stay, you can give yourself a chance at “living better” with a much-improved quality of life. According to survey reports, 70% of addicts show excellent results after a rehab stay. However, the myth of 28 days for thorough detoxification is entirely false. Not only will the visit be of a longer duration, but you will also have to undergo follow-up procedures and therapy sessions for several years. It is a process, and the truth is, if you persevere through it, you have a great chance of success.

The options ahead

Now that you have an idea about the task at hand, the apparent conclusion is going for specialized care. To that end, it is better to go local if you are thinking about an outpatient rehab clinic. However, if you are a local and can go for comprehensive inpatient therapy, it is better to go for inpatient rehab in Connecticut.

The professionals design the programs around your safety and comfort, but going the inpatient way is advisable since a residential treatment allows for the immersive recovery process with 24-7 monitoring of your mental and physical state. You can join in multiple therapy and group sessions to quicken the pace of your recovery process. However, suppose you are a working professional. In that case, you will need the flexibility of the outpatient recovery service, in which case you need to be hyperaware about the triggers and exercise self-caution.

Specialized care

A rehab service is not just for addiction treatment. Here is a list of the specialized care available at a professional rehabilitation center.

  • Addiction treatment
  • Eating disorder therapy and treatment program
  • Women’s only or Men’s only recovery therapy
  • Substance and drug abuse therapy
  • Therapy for mental health issues and progressive disorders
  • Therapy for opioid addiction and prescription drugs

So, depending on your condition and the associated issues, you can find the correct specialized treatment at a reputed drug recovery and rehabilitation center.

The process of recovery

Treatment programs can vary in duration, depending on the severity of your addiction. You might get better within a month, but you will still require additional time to weed out the dependency entirely. The protocol is a gradual progression from the inpatient facility to an outpatient program for a residential patient. So, keep these factors in mind when looking at rehabilitation centers in and around your area. Remember that ample therapy sessions are required as well, which means you need to research the programs available at the rehab of your choice.

Treatments available

Quite obviously, there are available treatments founded on evidence-based methodologies, yet with a rehab stint, you can expect personalized treatment plans. However, the following is a list of the standard treatment plans available at a professional rehabilitation care service.

  • CBT – Cognitive behavior therapy
  • DBT – Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational therapy and one-on-one interviews
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Trauma heal therapy

It is essential to understand that every individual is different, and every addiction story is different. There is no one-treatment-heals-all here, and so, you shouldn’t expect that to be the case. Your treatment will go along fine as long as you are willing to trust the experts and the treatment method you chose. Collaborate and understand that the healing starts with you – provide the medical care professionals with all the information and treat them with complete honesty.

You can get out of your addiction cycle. The key to it is finding the right rehab that suits your needs perfectly. Find your inner self and the best you – start your rehabilitation today.